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Frequently asked questions

What is Instawork?

Instawork is the leading flexible staffing solution for short-term, seasonal, and temp-to-hire workers. Its digital labor marketplace connects local businesses and qualified workers across the U.S. to make sure shifts are always filled.

Why is Ferguson partnering with Instawork?

As the hospitality workforce continues to evolve post-pandemic, it's more important than ever to find innovative ways to attract top hospitality talent.

That's why Ferguson is partnering with Instawork, one of the leading flexible work platforms for the hospitality industry, to access vetted, quality workers for our properties and franchise locations.

Ferguson hotels are able to post hourly wage shifts directly to Instawork's platform, giving them greater control to source labor. Instawork then serves available shifts to experienced workers who meet those requirements.

How is Instawork different from traditional temp staffing?

Instawork is a modern recruiting approach that engages the workforce by leveraging flexibility, while also holding the workers accountable via our rating system.

Instawork’s technology-enabled solution pushes open shifts directly to Instawork’s workers’ mobile devices for them to book shifts that fit best with their schedule and preferences. This means workers who pick up shifts are engaged and ready to work on-demand.

How are worker pay rates determined?

Hourly rates can be determined by each market and location. Instawork’s markup is set at 43% based on terms agreed upon with Ferguson nationally. If you have questions around market specific rates, Instawork can help make recommendations.

How does Instawork vet and background check workers?

Instawork uses a variety of tools to vet workers including past experience and in-app quizzes to test skills and knowledge. As workers continue to work shifts, they build a profile of record with ratings and specific feedback from other businesses.

All workers also go through a background check and hold W2 worker classification.

* Disclaimer: Ferguson manager will be required to go through a Ferguson provided training on reasonable suspicion

Can I convert an Instawork Professional to a permanent employee?

Yes. Instawork Professionals can be converted based on the following criteria:

  • $2500 direct hire fee up to 320 hours worked
  • $1000 direct hire fee from 320-479 hours
  • No direct hire fee after a Professional has worked 480 hours with a single location

What cities does Instawork operate in?

Right now, Instawork operates in over 40 metro markets and surrounding areas across North America.

United States:


Curious about when we'll be in your city? Unfortunately, we can't give you an estimate of when we're going to open in your city because it depends on a variety of factors.

If you're looking for work, download the app, complete your profile, and join the waitlist. We'll be sure to contact you first when we open up in your area!

If you're looking to hire, sign up to start posting shifts. We're rapidly growing and will let you know when we'll be ready to support you.

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