[Survey] How Are Workers On Instawork Different?

Our customers repeatedly tell us that the workers from Instawork are better than what they get elsewhere. They note how the workers are consistently motivated and reliable. To dig into how and why this is, we conducted a survey of over 400 Instawork Professionals to learn what sets them apart. Here’s what you need to know.

Workers are experienced, want flexibility

Instawork workers aren’t just gig workers, and they aren’t just temp workers. Hiring Instawork Professionals do bring some of the best of both of those worlds, though: a huge pool of skilled workers, motivation, flexibility, and built-in support from the Instawork platform and team. It’s scalable without sacrificing ease and accessibility.

What else makes hiring Instawork Professionals different? Data shows this group isn’t just a gig worker picking up a shift—they’re experienced, interested in growing income and building connections, and willing to put in what it takes to get great results. Instawork profiles and the quality of pre-vetted talent give companies a more scalable, reliable solution than your average gig work app, but with all of the transparency and flexibility.

And, because Instawork Professionals pick their own shifts, you get peace of mind that they’re showing up to do great work because they want to. It’s an opportunity, not an obligation.

"I like Instawork because there are accountability features. It makes the quality of Instawork Professionals higher and gives us a good reputation. I get treated with more respect.”

- Hisham S., Instawork Professional in San Francisco Bay Area

50% want full-time work & 50% want part-time work. Most want flexibility in their schedule.

  • This group has a pretty even split in terms of work goals, but flexibility is a common thread.
  • Some may want to work a full, 40-hour week, just with the ability to pick and choose those shifts (not always a 9-to-5). This may mean Instawork shifts lead to full-time opportunities.
  • 50% already have full-time or part-time work and are looking to pick up extra income. This shows they’re a committed, reliable group who are motivated to show up.

“Instawork service is great. It gives an opportunity for workers and employers to get to know each other before making a long term commitment.”

- Pamela V, Instawork Professional in Los Angeles

53% want to develop new skills

While 88% work to earn income, 53% want to develop new skills -- not just shifts here and there to make ends meet. Says one Instawork Pro, “It not only helps me stay above water but start to build financially.”

Workers are incredibly diverse

72% are 25 years old or older

While Gen Z (18-25 year olds) adopt gig work more readily than any other age group, people of all age ranges are working gigs. In fact, at Instawork, we find that 72% are 25 years old or older. This is due to the fact that we require prior experience and a range of skills, from hospitality to light industrial.

Research shows that gig workers also tend to be more educated. At Instawork, we found that over 40% have a trade school/college degree.

Instawork Review

The majority of the respondents are minorities, female, and caretakers

Overall, the Instawork community mirrors the overall service and light industrial worker population. In addition to that, the flexibility attracts underserved populations that well qualified, but find it challenging to commit to a full-time job. 

In our survey, we found that:

  • 55% are female
  • > 70% are part of a minority group
  • 67% are caretakers

We're proud to connect people with economic opportunities and continue to invest in ways to make it easier for them to earn income.

Why a great app makes the difference

There’s no doubt about it: apps and digital platforms are the future of hiring skilled workers. With more individuals choosing to control their own schedules, companies are following suit and recruiting where the talent is: in apps like Instawork. With all of the benefits, it’s a win-win.

So what can the Instawork app provide that not every traditional staffing agency can?


Professionals can choose what shifts they want to work—not be required to take anything that comes their way once they toggle it on. Many even have other jobs, so this allows them to customize their schedules.

“The flexibility gives me more time with my family. I can pick the shifts I want, where it’s convenient to me.”

- Claudy C, Instawork Professional in New York City


Pros can book shifts with a single click—no back and forth. Plus, reminders and other tools help them be more successful at the gig.

The app is convenient for the businesses that use it, too.

“It’s like living downtown and deciding that you don’t need to own a car anymore because it is so easy to use Uber.” Greg Stewart, General Manager at The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

Faster payments

Pros get paid weekly, with direct deposits right into their account. Instawork Gold Professionals are even paid within hours of a shift ending. It’s a major incentive for top performers.

"Instawork Gold makes me feel empowered to know that I can make as much money as I need and not be constrained by the full-time job.”

- Hisham S., Instawork Professional

Recognition and rewards for a job well done

Ratings are the backbone of how most gig apps can offer quality services, but Instawork takes it a step further. Feedback and kudos from other Professionals provide excellent incentives and build accountability. Hisham shares, “I like Instawork because there are accountability features. It makes the quality of Instawork Professionals higher and gives us a good reputation. I get treated with more respect.” 

And, ratings work both ways, and many values the two-way involvement and opportunity to build the community. Claudy said, “I contribute to the app because I want to play a part in helping Instawork grow and bring more work that’s closer to me and those in the Instawork community.”

Instawork sets the bar high—period.

Quality and reliability are two of the other big differences between Instawork and typical gig work platforms, which largely leave quality control up to the customer. Companies that work with Instawork recognize the effect this kind of reliable help has on their business, especially those who struggled with staffing agencies in the past.

Shares Sun Basket, a meal kit delivery service and Instawork customer, “The Instawork team has been amazing because they’ve facilitated the quality we're getting from in-store work and team members, as well as the consistency of the fill rates.”

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