Flexible packaging company grows 4x by flipping its hiring strategy

Once this flexible packaging company gained the capability to quickly scale its operations, it was able to handle the increased orders and quadruple business revenue within two months.

Stiff recruiting competition capped production capacity

This pioneer in short run-length order packaging offers consumer goods companies a fast turnaround for finished pouches. Their Northeast location was struggling to keep up with its success. While customer demand was healthy, they faced labor competition from the nearby Amazon Fulfillment Center. Their Warehouse Operations Leader, despite spending 5 hours a day on recruiting, found it difficult to hire and retain enough workers to help with filling and packing pouches.

Skip interviews and trial workers vetted by Instawork 

They partnered with Instawork and flipped its recruiting strategy on its head. Instead of spending time screening and interviewing candidates, they relied on Instawork's pre-vetted application process to staff open shifts

Instawork's app attracts thousands of people throughout Boston by making it simple to find work and get paid. Many of these people are part of the gig economy, so don't want to work full time. In short, talent that wouldn't be attracted to Amazon.

Instawork's account team helped them set up their account with the correct work details, rates, and shift schedule. Whenever they needed extra workers, they could quickly place the order, even at the last minute. 

The warehouse operations team then put each new worker through a quick training and assesses their performance at the end of the shift. Worker rated highly get automatically added to the roster and invited back on future shifts. Those not rated highly are prevented from returning. The platform also makes it easy to track work performance over time and build a merit-based reward system to retain high performers.

Gain the confidence to grow 4x within two months

Now confident they could keep customer happy, this flexible packaging company's Boston location has been able to grow revenue by 4x in two months. They have a healthy roster of over 20 Instawork Professionals trained and repeatedly working at their location.

The team also estimate saving 25 hours each week by reducing the time spent on recruiting workers. Instead, they've managed to convert four Professionals to full-time, after both sides have had a chance to test each other out.

That's just the start. Since Instawork operates in over 18 metro areas, this flexible packaging company can use one staffing partner to grow business in their other locations. 


Instawork is a leading flexible staffing solution located in 18 metro cities, including California (SF Bay Area, LA, San Diego), Texas (Austin, Dallas, Texas), Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, NJ/NYC Metro, Phoenix, and more.

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