What it's like to work in a stadium

The cheers of the crowd, the smell of popcorn, the team spirit in the air… there’s nothing quite like being in a stadium on game day. Usually, you have to buy expensive tickets to get in. But on Instawork, there are open shifts at stadiums and arenas all the time. It’s the perfect job for any sports fan!

Of course, watching a game and working during a game are two different experiences. If you’ve only been to a stadium as a sports fan, you might wonder what it’s like to work there. We’re here to give you a rundown so you can decide whether it’s right for you!

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The stadium work environment

Anyone who’s ever been to a stadium on game day can tell you: it’s busy, busy, busy. Stadiums often welcome tens of thousands of fans — so as you can imagine, it’s a fast-paced job! At the same time, though, you can’t let the quality of your work slide. Sports fans going to a game expect a great experience, and it’s up to you to deliver that. Fortunately, you’ll have an awesome team to help you out. Not just the one on the field, but the team of people working alongside you.

"I worked alongside people I consider to be friends to this day. We all work together and have built an Instawork family. We share jobs and also hang out on our days off!”

- Instawork Pro Starrell E.

To do well in a stadium environment, you should:

  • Be quick on your feet
  • Work well under pressure (those lines can get long!)
  • Have a team-player mindset

You don’t necessarily have to be a social butterfly to enjoy working at a stadium, but with so many different people there, it doesn’t hurt. You never know who you’ll meet!

“One of the memorable moments I've had working with Instawork was working at SoFi stadium. It was a catering event with Los Angeles Chargers staff and former Chargers players. They commended the other Instawork servers there, including myself, on the great job we did maintaining the event. They recommended that we should get on the SuperBowl employee list for February.”

- Instawork Pro Gabriel O. A.

And remember, staying comfortable is key if you want to do the best job you can. At a stadium, you may work outside or just be exposed to the elements. Before your shift, make sure to look up the weather and dress accordingly.

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What to expect from a stadium shift

A successful stadium shift starts with a smooth check-in. Usually, you’ll find instructions on how to get there in the shift description on the Instawork app. You might be asked to park further away and take a shuttle to the main stadium. Make sure to arrive early — traffic is usually heavy on game days.

Then, it’ll be time to get to work! Stadium shifts involve all sorts of different roles, but some of the most common ones on Instawork include:

  • Cashier, where you ring up customer purchases (often at a concession stand)
  • Cook, where you help prepare the food customers order (often at a concession stand)
  • Bartender, where you serve up drinks
  • Barback, where you help the bartender with whatever they need
  • Event server, where you wait on VIP guests
  • Custodian, where you help keep the stadium sparkling clean before, during, and after the game
  • General laborer, which can involve just about anything!

If you’ve worked similar shifts before, you may just be given a quick walkthrough of your duties and responsibilities. But specific tasks for these roles may vary a bit from stadium to stadium and shift to shift, so pay close attention to the instructions you’re given. 

Those who aren’t as experienced might receive a more thorough brief or even a training session. Listen carefully to whoever’s giving you instructions, but don’t be afraid to ask questions if you think of something they didn’t cover. And while you’ll be expected to carry your own weight, you can always ask for help if you’re having trouble with one of your tasks.

“Always a fun environment and good workers, always helpful. All around great job.”

- Instawork Pro Nashawn D.

Pro tips

Nervous about doing well at your first shift at a stadium? No problem! Tons of Instawork Pros have worked stadium shifts before, and you can see their feedback in the app. Here’s some of their best advice:

  • “Come at least 30 minutes early to find parking and the shuttle. If one is offered, add extra time for walking.” - Amy W.
  • “If you have non-slip shoes, wear them (and/or comfortable shoes).” - Amber M.
  • “The stadium isn't enclosed; concession stands are in the inside perimeter, i.e. wind tunnel. Dress appropriately, i.e. cooler climate (jacket, long sleeve shirt, hat, gloves).” - Carla H.
  • “Show up early and eat something before you arrive. Stadium bags (clear, up to 12"x12”) are allowed.” - Gilbert P.
  • “[Bring a] hat/sunglasses & water.” - Demetrius D.

The bottom line

If you’re quick on your feet and a hard worker, a shift at a stadium could be right for you (especially if you’re a sports fan and/or people person!). Because there are so many different roles available, people with all kinds of skill sets and experience can find a shift that suits them. If you show up early, bring everything you need, do a great job, and maintain a positive attitude, you’re likely to thrive — and you might even have an amazing time.

“It's a blessing to work at the coolest stadium on Earth!”

- Instawork Pro Ken B.