New webinar: Using flexible labor for the long term

The key is consistency

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In roles where productivity is paramount, having experienced workers on the job for extended periods is often critical to success. Flexible workers are increasingly being used on a long-term basis to fill seasonal needs, support big projects, and fill in for permanent employees who take time off. There's also a growing emphasis on temp-to-hire, whereby flexible workers can audition for permanent positions via a long-term assignment.

These long-term assignments can yield huge benefits. Rather than having a series of workers coming in to fill a staffing gap, a long-term assignment keeps training time to a minimum and raises the average level of experience on the floor. Experienced workers sourced from the flexible workforce are also a ready-made candidate pool for permanent positions.

So how do businesses find the flexible workers who are ready to commit to a long-term assignment, and what's the best way to manage them for long-term success? We've assembled a panel of experts from among our business partners to discuss their experiences and offer their top tips. Come and here these leaders, along with our own Bryan Garcia, on April 9 at 1 pm EDT:

Joey Bracco, Human Resources Business Partner, District Photo – Joey has over a decade of comprehensive HR expertise, having led strategic initiatives at major corporations like Lowe's, Tractor Supply Company, and Walgreens. With a focus on talent acquisition, employee relations, and compliance, Joey excels in creating inclusive workplaces and driving impactful HR programs, contributing to both employee development and organizational success.

Jared Heydari-Weatherly, Director of Operations, SPAR Group – Jared Heydari-Weatherly has served as the Director of Operations for the Distribution Services division at SPAR Group, Inc., since September 2021. Jared oversees all operations for SPAR Distribution Services and has been working for the division since its infancy. Before joining SPAR, Jared had overseen the operations at many warehouse companies and has over 20 years of warehouse experience.

Finding the right matches

Looking for workers who can take on long-term assignments isn't quite the same as finding people for one-off, on-demand shifts. In this webinar, we'll take you through the process step-by-step, from recruitment to management and beyond:

Preparing for long-term assignments

  • How to design the assignment
  • Planning training time and requirements
  • Creating a candidate pool

Setting the foundations for long-term success

  • Onboarding flexible workers for long-term assignments
  • Adjusting schedules and responsibilities on the fly
  • Ensuring loyalty and retention

Cementing the relationship

  • Tracking productivity and creating a feedback loop
  • Bringing back professionals for further assignments
  • Selecting candidates for permanent roles

You'll also have the chance to ask your own questions during our Q&A. If you're looking for more consistency in your workforce beyond your permanent employees, regardless of the industry you're in, then you'll be sure to come away with useful insights. Sign up today to reserve your place!

Sign up for our webinar on long-term use of flexible labor