New webinar: the layered approach to staffing

Learn about the benefits of the layered approach

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Our new white paper on the layered approach to staffing explains an innovative strategy for maximizing ROI from temporary workers. During the upcoming webinar, you'll hear how businesses can realize these important benefits:

  • Increased agility to respond to changes in demand
  • Wider access to talent that won't work full-time
  • Reduced risks of downtime and overtime
  • Easier recruitment from a ready-made pool of candidates
  • Better retention of employees who don't want a fixed schedule anymore
  • Higher productivity on a monthly basis

Businesses can accrue these benefits without adding shifts and with minimal differences in labor costs. In the webinar, you'll see step-by-step examples and cost comparisons for a variety of scenarios. And you'll have the chance to ask questions about how the layered approach might work for your business.

Hear how businesses are implementing the approach

Instawork's business partners are already using the layered approach to enhance their operations. You'll hear examples from our people on the ground about the use of the layered approach by large enterprises with multiple locations and smaller businesses with limited payrolls. We'll talk about use cases in different industries, too.

This webinar will consist of a 30-minute presentation followed by a live Q&A session. Afterwards, interested guests will be able to see a short demo of the Instawork platform. The presenters bring a broad range of experience from across our organization:

Mike Bohnett, Vice President for Enterprise and Emerging Categories – Mike has been with Instawork since 2019 and has led our growth across several sectors. He's an expert on the use of temporary labor at larger businesses and can address the day-to-day issues encountered by everyone from frontline managers to C-suite executives.

Meg Cowee, Enterprise Account Manager – Meg is one of Instawork's most experienced account managers, having worked hand-in-glove with our business partners in many industries. She has a ground-level view of the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized businesses as well as by branch locations of corporate heavyweights.

Dr. Daniel Altman, Chief Economist – Dan is an expert on local labor markets and especially the supply and demand for in-person hourly work. He uses our vast database of transactions, as well as data from many other sources, to understand what's happening in the workforce, both now and in the future.

After participating in this webinar, you'll have a deeper understanding of today's staffing landscape and a solid strategy for success. Sign up today to reserve your place!

Sign up for our webinar on the layered approach to staffing