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With the baseball and soccer seasons around the corner – not to mention golf tournaments and conventions – the minds of thousands of hospitality professionals are turning once again to large events. When thousands of people come calling, whether to be seated in a stadium or to walk around a venue, either indoors or outdoors, the demands on event staff are enormous. And we're here to help.

We've brought together three experts who span all kinds of large events to discuss the best strategies all the way from advance planning and training through the day of the event and beyond. They work where the rubber meets the road (whether or not it's for an auto race) on human resources, guest services, culinary, and many other essential aspects of events. Our own chief economist will join these experts on February 27 at 1 pm EST for an informative and educational discussion:

Michelle Nezart, Employee Manager at Arena – Coming up on a dozen years as a supervisor and manager at Anschutz Entertainment Group, Michelle has been navigating the challenges of a post-COVID workforce via creative staffing. She is also responsible for overall event staffing, payroll, and attendance for the arena's Guest Services department of roughly 400 team members.

Terry Salaices, Executive Director of Operations at the Venetian Resort Expo and Convention Center – With a career spanning over two decades in the hospitality industry, Terry oversees the operations of the Food and Beverage, Show Cleaning and Meeting Services, Warehouse, and Facilities teams. He has a passion for delivering exceptional guest experiences, bringing a multicultural perspective to leadership, fostering collaborative environments that empower teams to deliver excellence.

Shrone Perry, Director of Human Resources for Levy Restaurants at Ford Field – Shrone holds a dual MBA in Human Resources Management and Leadership Studies and is an expert on enhancing employee performance, recognition, and satisfaction. She thrives on partnering with business leaders and employees to create a positive and engaging workplace culture.

Seamless staffing for stadiums and more

There are so many moving parts in large events that it's essential to stay organized and create a structure for making decisions. In our discussion, we'll emphasize the systems and processes that will prevent mistakes and deal with problems smoothly as they arise. Here are some of the topics we'll take on:

Overall staffing goals

  • Planning staff numbers for individual events and long-term needs
  • Getting the mix right between temporary and permanent workers
  • Understanding seasonal staffing norms

Where the magic happens

  • Matching skills and experience to roles for temporary staff
  • Pre-event best practices to get the most out of staff
  • Day-of-event best practices from arrival to clean-up and departure

Foundations for long-term success

  • Using longer-term assignments with temporary staff
  • Building relationships with workers to enhance loyalty and consistency
  • Broad industry trends affecting staffing and other aspects of large events

You'll also have the chance to ask your own questions during our Q&A. Whether you're a catering specialist, a dining hall manager, or a director, you'll be sure to come away with useful insights from these experts. Sign up today to reserve your place!

Sign up for our webinar on large events