Facilities company services essential cleaning with Instawork

Read how Instawork helped this facilities company support our healthcare system in the midst of a global pandemic.

Finding reliability in unprecedented uncertainty

A large facilities management company was contracted to sanitize and clean sites set up to treat patients with Coronavirus in New York City.

Seemingly overnight, they needed reliable cleaners that complied with very strict health and safety standards.

Partnering with  staffing partner with a high-touch and high-tech approach


The facilities company reached out to Instawork, who collaborated closely to schedule a pool of 200+ cleaning Professionals to work in different facilities across the city. Here’s how Instawork delivered: 

  • Local account team not only designed a unique staffing solution, they met at least daily to adapt to evolving needs.
  • Custom vetting process ensured every Professional not only had the right skills but also complied with medical health requirements before working. 
  • Online booking platform allowed the client to schedule Professionals at different locations easily, even for last-minute needs.
  • Online roster and shift settings were set to have the same Professional return every day, saving time on training.
  • Health safety program trained workers on safety best practices and built contingencies when Professionals couldn’t work last-minute, keeping fill rates at nearly 90%.

While all Instawork clients receive dedicated support, given the critical and ambiguous time, precautions were taken to ensure Professionals were working in a safe environment.

Results: 1.2K cleaning shifts filled, 2% no-show rate, 100% workers protected from COVID-19

Instawork was able to fill over 1.2K shifts in just a month, or on average 40 shifts a day, with a pre-vetted pool of 200 Professionals.

And in partnership with the facilities company and other authorities, we were able to keep all of our Professionals as safe as possible while working. Even in the height of COVID-19 cases, we had zero health incidences. Read more about Instawork's Health Safety program.

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