Toy company Boley hits goals with a 100% fill rate

For Boley’s General Manager, Stephanie Tsang, it was a perfect storm: A big, internal warehouse shift to meet increasing demands, a team stretched too thin, and multiple temp agencies that couldn’t deliver on promises. This led to lower morale, higher stress levels, and the potential for lost revenue. In her search for a more efficient solution, she found Instawork.

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The goal: meeting fluctuating needs on the warehouse floor

Boley operates its toy manufacturing operations out of both Hong Kong and California, with a Chino-based warehouse hub that gets orders packaged and delivered to customers around the world. And like many ecommerce corporations, things move fast. Busy stretches can last for months at a time, and there’s always a ramp-up in November and December for gifting season.

Tsang manages a lean full-time warehouse team and regularly turned to several temp agencies to meet demands and prevent burnout on her team. “When big projects come in, they can require anywhere from one to two times more people in the warehouse. Without the extra help, we could risk missed deadlines, late shipments, lost revenue, and reputational damage.” she says.

“It was a real headache,” she says. “We kept switching agencies to find a solution, but ran into the same issues. I thought, ‘There has to be a better way to get seasonal and temp workers.’”

“A better way” with Instawork

Tsang started to research ways to make operations more efficient. “Instawork was able to find us people fast, at a time when we were experiencing a big internal warehouse shift. They sent us high quality people with great attitudes that really helped shift our warehouse atmosphere. I could tell my manager was relieved.”

Easy staff scheduling

Booking pros online has streamlined things considerably. “Instawork is so efficient. Before, I dealt with lots of email back and forth, and sometimes an email the morning of to say they can’t make it. This is so much easier,” she says.

Accountability end-to-end

The accountability of online reviews and ratings is another bonus. “Being able to see other companies vouching for them makes me feel so much better, and I think the visibility into ratings encourages people to do their best.” The platform’s GPS tracking also gives her additional peace of mind.

“Seeing that people are physically on their way—that’s great, especially when you’ve been burned by no-shows.”

Team-oriented Professionals

For a smaller team, anyone who comes in to work makes an impact. With Instawork Professionals, that impact has been a positive one. “Culture is a big thing for us. Everyone has been so polite, and they’ve helped to build a team atmosphere. They bring a good vibe.”

During COVID, that reliability was especially critical. Boley’s business didn’t slow down due to shutdowns—it actually ramped up. “They have been great about following COVID health guidelines,” she adds, which helps the company maintain a high standard for health safety.

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The payoff: peace of mind, reduced turnover, and better morale

So far, Boley has worked with over twenty Instawork Professionals on over 180 shifts—with a 100% fill rate. By and large, no-shows are a thing of the past.

“My job is to make sure that everyone feels supported and successful in their roles. For my warehouse team and manager, reliable help ensures they’re happy, and boost morale—that they’re not being given an impossible task.” - Stephanie Tsang, General Manager

Over the long term, she anticipates regular, reliable help from Instawork will have the additional benefit of reduced turnover. And that’s more than peace of mind—it’s competitive edge and an investment in the business’s future.