[Takeaways] Building your staffing health safety toolkit

With states re-opening, many businesses are putting plans into action. To help you assess what’s right for your business, we invited a few hospitality-tech leaders to share what they've learned the last two months.




  • Rachael Nemeth, CEO of ESL Works / StopCovid.co, the leading COVID-19 training solution for hospitality and essential businesses
  • Joseph Veneman, Owner of Staffmate, the premier scheduling software with 18+ years of hospitality experience
  • Ya-Bing Chu, VP Product of Instawork, the largest flexible staffing app for hospitality businesses

Discussion Topics

They discussed

  • What’s emerging as best practices for health safety and sanitation
  • How businesses today are implementing SOPs, from training to compliance
  • What new tools and programs can help you effectively prepare your staff

To get to specific topics of interest, fast forward to these points in the video:

[3:30] How each solution is helping its customers with health safety [27:00] Misunderstood safety practices
[35:00] Necessary components of a training program                          [40:00] How to create compliance with your staff                                [43:00] Survey results on what workers are concerned about          [47:27] Who they think are leading the way


Here are follow up resources from our panelists