Shamit Patel joins Instawork as VP of Product Management

Instawork is, at its core, a people business. But Instawork’s backbone is its technology. So we’re excited that Shamit Patel has joined Instawork to lead its product management team. 

Shamit’s joining Instawork during a momentous time. In the last year, Instawork expanded into the warehouse and logistic industry to solve the labor shortage exacerbated by the pandemic. With COVID-19 rates dropping and vaccination rollout quickly underway, we’re seeing hospitality businesses returning to host social gatherings. Sporting events, such as the Super Bowl last month, are hosting fans in-stadium. And other institutions are safely reopening across the country. Our customers tell us they are cautiously optimistic.

Our business Partners are relying on Instawork to help them staff flexibly as they stabilize their workforce. And our Professionals are excited for hospitality work near them again. Instawork’s platform enables our customers to connect quickly and with ease during this dynamic time. 

Shamit and the Product Management team will continue to build innovative solutions that make Instawork the essential staffing app for local work. He has over 15 years of experience working at high-growth technology companies, including Uber, Twitter, and Microsoft. And Shamit’s committed to building solutions that make a positive impact in people’s lives. Most recently, he led a product management team at a startup supporting people with mental illness called Mindstrong.

Shamit shares, “I believe that technology democratizes all kinds of opportunities by making information widely available, which in turn enables upliftment of communities.”

Welcome, Shamit!