Prepare for this season with a Pre-Peak eCommerce Health Check

Despite the challenges  thrown at businesses in 2020, companies need to plan ahead for the various outcomes coming into 2021. This article should be able to prepare you and your team to adapt in new ways to operate and execute your eCommerce business and look beyond a stressful 2020 to a successful year.

Build real-time syncs with Marketing to avoid bottlenecks

Traffic volumes can give you cues when there'll be a spike in your needs to fulfill your stock capacity. With buying patterns unpredictable these days, it's not enough to know when the sales are happening -- seeing top of the funnel customer engagement can give you the data you need to make informed decisions downstream.

One industry that will be seeing a surge in volume is Health & Wellness as online shoppers will be making their New Year's resolution plans a reality. Online shopping trends this year will range from home gym equipment, sporting apparel, to nutritional vitamin supplements.


It’s all about fulfillment

Customer preferences at this time of the year for online shopping are generally based on certainty around stock and delivery methods. Retailers need to understand the omni-channel habits of their customers and ensure they can meet the popular customer journeys. For example, if customers arrive in store to buy goods that are not in stock, retailers must be aware of the impact of this on conversion, and provide a simple order in store, deliver next day solution.

You’ll need temporary staff

Temporary staff will more than likely be necessary to reinforce and manage on-site fulfill orders, and handle increased demands on customer service functions. The readiness of your team across the whole organization for peak trading is essential. Training should not be underestimated, in terms of getting new staff up to speed on technology and process. Awareness of how and where to obtain professional temporary workers is key. Get the staff you need, when you need them.


Break into 2021 with ease

Nothing about 2020 has been easy, and gearing up for a successful January will be crucial for online businesses . Here’s the reality though: the digital world was already fast descending upon us. An uncertain 2020 has only accelerated its arrival. Those who put in the work now and are willing to challenge conventional methods will get a leg up on the future. If your operations are in-house or thinking about building in-house, staffing during this busy time period is crucial for your eCommerce business.

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