Putting 20,000 People to Work

Based on demand from our Partners, Instawork will be bringing on 20,000 new, qualified Professionals in the next 2 months to support essential businesses with staffing needs in the following areas: 

  • Delivery
  • Janitorial and Sanitation
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Warehouse and Light Industrial

Despite recent news around record-high unemployment, we’re seeing a record need for labor by our Partners in industries ranging from co-packing and logistics, to retail, to last-mile delivery, and even commercial cleaning.

Essential businesses in these industries are powering the global economy, ensuring consumers get critical goods and services quickly and safely. Service-based businesses require local talent and we estimate we’ll need at least 20,000 new Professionals as soon as possible for our Partners. We are humbled and eager to be able to provide work to those who need it during this unprecedented time.

Using our high-tech, high-touch approach to matching workers and businesses, we’ve been able to support Partners throughout the country and in new industries, all in the last 45 days:

  • Farmstead Online Grocery saw their business grow 10x within a month. We filled 460+ shifts using 70 warehouse associates within one month with a 100% fill rate, 0.44% no-show rate.
  • A regional commercial cleaner staffed over 1,000 cleaning shifts. Given the location of the shifts was healthcare facilities, we also adhered to a high standard of health safety protocols.
  • A national retailer who needed merchandising and stocking help was matched with hundreds of Professionals on the East Coast and in the South.
  • A national food delivery company doubled the number of warehouse shifts filled through Instawork and added multiple new locations.
  • A third-party logistics provider, after a successful two-location pilot in the beginning of May, accelerated their use of Instawork and has booked 3x more shifts.

Most importantly, alongside our Partners, we’ve implemented health protocols in our app to keep everyone as safe as possible. This includes education, prevention, and compliance requirements informed by the guidance of public health officials around the country.

If you know individuals seeking work in one of these key segments, we need them! We’re especially focused on Arizona, Florida, the Northeast (Boston, New York, DC), the Midwest (Illinois and Indiana), and Texas.

If you know anyone interested, send them to our Top Spots page and have them download our app so that we can onboard them quickly. In some cases, we have work available as soon as this upcoming weekend.

Looking for work in Sales or other corporate departments? Check out our Careers Page.