How Instawork provides quality temp staffing

The temp staffing industry has grown to $130B in revenue/year, and yet many businesses remain dissatisfied with its service with the average net promoter score is a dismal 28%. It's no wonder why businesses are skeptical when agencies promise to deliver. So to show you how Instawork is better, we've outlined how we differ from a temp staffing agency.

It's clear temp staffing needed to change fundamentally. At Instawork, we knew we needed to rebuild staffing from the ground up to deliver much better results. We use technology and data to build a solution that both workers (whom we call Instawork Professionals) and businesses want. We're also a people business, and have armed our services team with the tools to be even more high-touch. 

As a result, we consistently hear from our customers that they value:

  • The quality of people staffed on their shifts
  • Our consultative and responsive staffing services

Worker Quality

To understand how we can improve the process end-to-end, we've broken down "Quality" into the following dimensions: 

  1. Skills: Having the right skills and attitude 
  2. Reliability: Showing up on time and prepared
  3. Scalability: Having enough of when you need them

"We're finding that through Instawork, people want to come to work and do their "gig." We're seeing that productivity is better than other staffing partners and, as a result, better productivity with our teams in general."

- HR Regional Director at a Consumer Goods Logistics Company

Temp Staffing AgencyInstaworkSkills

  • Unverifiable screening and quality score
  • Vetted for skills via work history, certifications, tests 
  • Gets rated after every shift
  • Details are on their public work profile 


  • No visibility into the worker’s status before, during, or after shift
  • Smart dispatching matches you to the best workers
  • App reminds workers and confirms upcoming shifts
  • App provides GPS map and details for accurate on-time arrival
  • App handles clock-in/clock-out
  • Instawork Operations team monitors upcoming shifts


  • Limited ability to increase number of workers quickly
  • Located in 20+ U.S. regions 
  • 20K+ workers sign up per month
  • Signups driven by word of mouth, online search, referral programs

Consultative staffing services

Our customers share that it's hard to find a staffing partner to meet their specific business needs. They comment that it can feel transactional or 'take it or leave it.' 

We've built our staffing platform to be configurable to your needs, so once we fully understand your business, it's set to enforce your standards.

"The level of engagement of the Instawork team to make us comfortable is something you should be proud of. There's an assurance to look for wins and solutions vs. a drive-thru mentality. The service model is very positive."

- COO at a Multi-location Online Grocery Store

Temp Staffing AgencyInstaworkCustomization

  • Requires several days notice
  • Can be inflexible
  • Can fill next-day to months in advance
  • Can set custom screening or training requirements

Hiring Options

  • Typically W-2
  • Ad hoc, recurring, seasonal, temp-to-hire, full-time
  • 1099 or W-2
  • Ad hoc, recurring, seasonal, temp-to-hire
  • Can require the same workers or build a pool of repeat workers

Account Services

  • Onsite support for very large groups
  • Local support
  • Onsite support for groups
  • Dedicated account management
  • Central support team with 7 days a week coverage

Time Reconciliation & Payments

  • Manually review timesheets
  • Businesses pay net terms
  • Pay workers every two weeks
  • Review timesheets online for easier processing
  • Businesses can pay with credit card or invoicing
  • Instawork pays workers weekly or sooner


  • Service fee varies 40-100% mark up
  • Option for either all-inclusive hourly rate + $10 booking fee or custom mark up %.

Instawork is a leading flexible staffing solution located in 20+ metro markets, including California (SF Bay Area, LA, San Diego), Texas (Austin, Dallas, Texas), Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, NJ/NYC Metro, Phoenix, and more.

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