How caregivers can use Instawork to make money on their own terms

Caregiving feel like a full-time job, which can make it hard to find time for a career.

With Instawork, you don’t have to choose anymore. You can pick up flexible shifts in hospitality or warehousing. And the best part? You always control your schedule! 

That's why caregivers love Instawork. In fact, 70% of the Professionals who use our platform are also caregivers to at least one dependent.

This means you can make money on Instawork, even while being a caregiver.

What is a caregiver?

When people hear the word “caregiver,” many may think of nurses or CNAs in a hospital or nursing home. But the reality encompasses more than that. Caregivers are any person who has someone that depends on them for care. This care is often out of love, but also is free or unpaid. 

Caregivers can take many forms, like parents raising kids. They can also be adults helping their elderly parents or family members taking care of relatives with disabilities.

Caregiving woman hugs elderly family member

So if you have someone who depends on you for care, how can you find time to make money outside the home? That’s where Instawork can help.

Instawork makes flexible work possible for all types of caregivers

Instawork is an online platform that connects employers with temporary workers. Employers post shifts for positions such as event servers, bartenders, dishwashers, prep cooks, warehouse packers, or general laborers, through our mobile app. And you pick up shifts whenever you like and get paid weekly for your work.

Why is Instawork such a good fit for caregivers?

Work around your caregiving schedule

Unlike a full-time or part-time job, Instawork gives you complete freedom and control to pick which shifts you’d like to work that fit into your schedule.

For example, if your dependent has a busy week with doctor appointments lined up, you can take that week off by not picking up any shifts (you don’t have to ask a boss for time off!). Or if you suddenly find yourself with some free time and would like to work, you can line up Instawork shifts and earn extra money.

Have the ability to be selective

Some caregivers may want to be extra cautious if their dependents have weakened immune systems. Depending on their comfort level or amount of risk they'd like to take, caregivers can choose not to work if COVID-19 cases are peaking or flu season is particularly bad.

Instawork also shows you if vaccinations and/or masks are required by employers on a shift-by-shift basis.

Real-life examples of caregivers who use Instawork

In Los Angeles, Cheryl G. picks up Instawork shifts around her kids' school schedule. "Especially being a single mother, I can work when I want and take days off when I want,” she says.

Instawork Pro Claudy C. and his family enjoying a day out in NYC

In New York, Claudy C. from New York City saved up enough to pay down his credit card debt and increase his credit score from 500 to nearly 800. Having a financial cushion of a strong credit score is both pragmatic and a massive relief for him as a caregiver. "I never want my kids to see me sweat it," he says.

In Sacramento, Farhana K. is a single mother of three. She uses her restaurant experience to land Instawork shifts. “I'm able to pay all my bills and take care of my kids because of Instawork,” Farhana says. “I'm able to showcase my talents as a culinary cook with a culinary degree. I'm very thankful."

With Instawork, caregivers can find flexible shifts that work for them

As a caregiver, you spend so much time nurturing your loved ones. How about doing something that’s good for your future too? With Instawork, earn money when you want, without giving up your caregiving responsibilities.

Interested in getting started with Instawork? Download the app to sign up and create your profile today!