Staying financially stable with steady work and flexible shifts

When Claudy C., Instawork Professional based in New York City, lost his job during the pandemic, he was short on options. Here’s how Instawork helped him stay financially stable.

Many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic early in 2021, including New York City-based Instawork Professional Claudy C. To care for his wife and two children, he took on credit card debt. Still, he recognized he needed to find work fast.

Getting steady work, with flexible hours

In the first week, he worked three shifts at an eCommerce distribution warehouse. The following week, he added more shifts with a commercial cleaning business. Since then, Claudy has consistently worked 5-9 shifts a week, equivalent to a full-time workweek (if not more!).

Over time, Claudy has built strong working relationships with four different businesses, earning a place on their roster, which gives him priority access to work future shifts. These businesses vary and include:

  • Hospitality dining and catering
  • Commercial cleaning
  • eCommerce warehouse work
  • Food manufacturing

Claudy and his family also benefit from having the flexibility to pick and choose which shifts he works, especially during the pandemic. Claudy shares, “The flexibility gives me more time with my family. I can pick the shifts I want, where it’s convenient to me.”


Caption: Enjoying family fun on a day off

Financial stability and increased confidence

Within two months, Claudy could save enough to pay down his credit card debt and increase his credit score from 500 to nearly 800. For Claudy, having a financial cushion of a strong credit score is both pragmatic and a massive relief for him as a caregiver. 

“Being on the Instawork team has given me an extra boost of confidence. I never want my kids to see me sweat it.” 

- Claudy C., New York City

Credible feedback that increases earning potential

Over the last six months, Claudy has 

  • Completed 150+ shifts 
  • Has an average feedback rating of 4.9 / 5.0
  • Earned Instawork Gold

He’s also received over 100 compliments from businesses and coworkers, who consider him a “fast worker,” who has “great attitude,” and great at “following instructions.” (see his full profile)

His reputation built on Instawork has qualified him to be an Instawork Shift Lead. As a shift lead, he can earn more by being the go-to point of contact onsite and a coach for fellow Instawork Professionals.

Most of all, he’s a fan of what Instawork can do for others in the community. Here’s Claudy sharing his advice to someone considering using Instawork.


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