Employee Spotlight: Meghan Hermann, Sr. Strategic Communications Manager

Our mission at Instawork is to create economic opportunities for local businesses and professionals, globally. In order to achieve that mission, we have built a team composed of talented and hard-working individuals who are passionate about connecting skilled hourly professionals with local businesses who need their services.

Our Employee Spotlight series takes the opportunity to highlight members of our team and to give a glimpse into our culture and what it’s like to work at Instawork. To highlight the diversity of our team, we’ve asked Meghan Hermann, Sr. Strategic Communications Manager, to share more about her experience working at Instawork. 

What do you do at Instawork and how long have you been with the company?

I am an Instawork newbie! I recently joined our communications team after almost two decades working in media as a national network television producer. I love a good story and as the Senior Strategic Communications Manager, I am working to share Instawork’s mission and our impact on local communities with a wide audience. In the coming months, I want everyone to know what Instawork is all about!

What initially attracted you to Instawork? 

When I was looking to leave my job in news to pursue public relations, I wanted to find an organization that I felt passionate about aggressively promoting. A wise mentor told me, “Don’t just find someplace to sell soap. Find someplace where you can make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.” 

I found the meaningful impact I had been looking for in Instawork. Its mission to provide economic opportunities and shape the future of work for both businesses and skilled hourly professionals comes at such a critical time. I knew I wanted to be part of this team. With an ongoing pandemic and nationwide labor shortages, Instawork’s critical role in local economies cannot be overstated. Millions of people want flexible work with higher wages and employers need reliable staff to keep their businesses running. Instawork solves the current barriers to staffing in a way that’s a win-win for everyone.

What's your favorite part of your job?

The fast pace! I am used to a breaking news environment and the hustle and bustle of a busy newsroom, so I like working quickly and dealing with deadlines. I know I’ll never feel bored at Instawork. There are too many great stories to get out there and so many ways to tell them.



What is one piece of “work from home” equipment you couldn’t live without? 

My fully stocked kitchen cabinet of loose leaf tea and my favorite mugs. Hot tea is my fuel throughout the day.

What's the most important thing you've learned since starting at Instawork?

Ask lots of questions and you’ll always be learning something. Also, stepping outside of your current career role and trying something completely new can be intimidating at first but is ultimately exciting and rewarding.

In 10 words or less, how would you describe the culture at Instawork?

A welcoming, brilliant, motivated team destined for huge success.

If you're interested in joining Instawork, working alongside team members like Meghan, visit our Careers page to view current job opportunities.