Employee Spotlight: Geraldine Cortez, Regional Sales Manager

Our mission at Instawork is to create economic opportunities for local businesses and professionals, globally. In order to achieve that mission, we have built a team composed of talented and hard-working individuals who are passionate about connecting skilled hourly professionals with local businesses who need their services.

Our Employee Spotlight series takes the opportunity to highlight members of our team and to provide a glimpse into our culture and what it’s like to work at Instawork. To highlight the diversity of our team, we’ve asked Geraldine Cortez, Regional Sales Manager, to share more about her experience working at Instawork. 

What do you do at Instawork and how long have you been with the company?

I have been with Instawork since 2019, working on the Sales team. When I first joined the team, I was the Partnership Manager, working with local businesses (Partners) to ensure they have the best possible experience with our solution. Now, having been recently promoted to Regional Sales Manager, I focus on my individual contributions but now I am also coaching and developing our team. 

What initially attracted you to Instawork? 

Our mission of providing economic opportunities for businesses and professionals is incredibly important, especially as we continue to recover after COVID-19. I get really excited about the impact Instawork is having on people’s lives and local businesses across the country. 

What's your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is being able to change the misconception our Partners may have about flexible staffing and working with a team that shares the same vision and dedication to our company’s mission. While our team works really hard, we also have a lot of fun together.

Geraldine - Fun facts graphic

What is one piece of “work from home” equipment you couldn’t live without? 

My second monitor was a game-changer for my work setup.

What's the most important thing you've learned since starting at Instawork?

It’s ok to take risks. One of our company values is “Act like an owner” which means you have ownership in your area of the company. It also means that if you fail, it's ok, you apply what you’ve learned to improve future outcomes. 

In 10 words or less, how would you describe the culture at Instawork?

We are fast-paced, innovative, collaborative, passionate, motivating, and autonomous.

If you're interested in joining Instawork, working alongside team members like Geraldine, visit our Careers page to view current job opportunities.