5 ways to make holiday staffing easier for your business

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many businesses, but keeping up with staffing needs can be challenging. Even with a possible recession looming, businesses need qualified and reliable workers to help them navigate the seasonal surge that will generate over $1 trillion in retail and consumer products by the end of the year.

As Americans return to stores, social gatherings, and work events in the first post-covid holiday season, our team has pulled together a list of five ways businesses can make it easy to staff throughout the holidays. 

Businesses who need workers throughout the holiday season can learn more by visiting Instawork.com.

1. Eliminate job applications

Streamline your search by using a digital platform like Instawork to easily get matched with qualified and reliable workers.

Instawork uses predictive algorithms with machine learning to seamlessly connect thousands of businesses with more than 3 million flexible workers, using a multitude of data points to ensure the best match between the business' staffing needs and the worker's skill set and experience.

Our team helps ensure the shifts are posted and filled so you can focus on other top business priorities.

2. Leverage the network effect

Everyone is connected digitally. Take advantage of a digital network of skilled workers to secure immediate staffing needs. Instawork’s network of skilled hourly workers can optimize your search for seasoned workers. Instawork app users - Instawork Pros - are available in over 30 markets across the United States and Canada. 

Over 1 million people have joined the app in the last six months leading up to the holiday season, bringing the total number of Pros on the platform to more than 3 million. These workers are ready and waiting to support your business. A shift posted to the Instawork platform is usually filled in about 12 hours (on average).


3. Ensure competitive pay

Look for intel on what other businesses are paying workers in your area to ensure you’re paying competitive pay rates.

Instawork can help you ensure your business is attracting great workers by providing data on the pay rates that result in the quickest fill rate for the roles you’re looking to fill, specific to your area. The team can also provide additional insights into local labor market trends to help ensure business success before, during, and after the holiday season.

To understand what motivates flexible workers, read the newly published State of the Flexible Workforce to learn more.

4. Plan for the unexpected

You may leverage business intelligence and forecasting to estimate customer volume for the upcoming holidays. With this season likely to be busy yet unpredictable, what do you do when the unexpected happens and customer demand exceeds expectation? (A great problem to have!) 

Quickly dial up your staffing needs by leveraging the flexible workforce to fill open shifts with qualified and reliable workers. Post your shifts on the Instawork platform and let us make sure you get the workers you need to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity.

5. Use technology

Everyone uses technology to streamline business operations these days, so why shouldn’t seasonal staffing be one of them? There’s an app for that.

The Instawork platform is great for easily dialing up or down staffing based on your business’s unique needs. Instawork saves businesses time and money by eliminating the hiring process and the need to submit payroll. Businesses simply pay Instawork and the platform (along with its dedicated team) takes care of the rest.

Instawork is trusted by thousands of businesses across the country as a solution to their staffing needs and provides more than three million hourly workers with the flexibility they need. With the holiday season just around the corner, businesses are using Instawork as a stress-free solution to their busiest time of the year.

Ranked as the #3 business app in the App Store recently, Instawork is filling a critical role in local economies. The platform was recently featured in a CBS Evening News segment calledApp pairs gig workers with employers.”

Request a demo or sign up today to get your business ready for the upcoming holiday surge!