Why Louisville’s horse racing events are the ideal time for businesses to use flexible workers

Louisville is known for many things, from bourbon to baseball bats. But once a year, the attention of horse racing enthusiasts from across the world hones in on the Gateway to the South.

Kentucky Derby festivities and related tourism events are expected to generate more than 36 million dollars and attendance in the hundreds of thousands. For area businesses, it’s a high stakes week necessitating extra hands on deck to keep everything running smoothly for customers. 

Scenarios like this are when businesses, Instawork Partners, are matched with qualified and reliable workers, Instawork Pros, locally in their area. By using AI technology and more than 30 data points to create successful matches, the platform can ease the burden of traditional staffing practices which are often arduous and expensive. 

In Louisville, local businesses are able to take advantage of this technology when they need hourly workers, including for large special events. The platform specializes in connecting businesses with workers based on their unique business needs while providing workers the choice to decide when, where, and how they work best.

Visit www.instawork.com or download the app to learn more. And then it’s off to the races!

Businesses can quickly get the help they need

Pros on the platform are pre-vetted to ensure they have the right skills and experience our Partners need. Once they are approved, the Pros have immediate access to available shifts and can deliver their valuable services. 

To ensure the best experience, Instawork encourages both hourly workers and businesses to rate each other on a five-star scale after each shift to help match future shifts with those who are best qualified. 

Businesses that rely on Instawork Pros across the Bluegrass State range from nationally-recognized hotels and restaurant groups to some of the city’s favorite local hot spots. Instawork is also proud to staff the majority of the baseball and football stadiums across the country. 

Businesses using Instawork experience:

  • Quick access to qualified workers in their community
  • Improved operational efficiency with quality and reliable staffing
  • Increased customer loyalty due to happier staff and better experiences
  • Time saved on administrative tasks, returning focus to other top priorities

If you’re interested in learning how Instawork can help staff your business, complete the form below.

Why the best people are racing to flexible work

More than 23,000 people in Louisville have already downloaded the Instawork app and are working to staff business locations across the metro area.

Quality workers enjoy picking up shifts on the platform as a side hustle or even as their full time income because it’s easy to join and it’s worth their while financially. In Louisville, the average hourly pay rate on the Instawork platform is $14.86 per hour, more than double the city’s $7.25 minimum wage. 

Take Shala, who was eagerly waiting for Instawork to launch in the Louisville area and signed up for the app before shifts were even  available.

She now works at major events, including this  week’s most exciting ones, in a variety of roles. Like many Instawork Pros, flexible work on the platform is a side hustle for her on top of her full time job and she finds it to be a great way to make extra money. 

Hourly workers who are ready to become an Instawork Pro can easily download the app, create a profile, find a shift that matches their skills and interests, and start working in as little as 24 hours. 

Hourly professionals using Instawork experience: 

  • Work flexibility: build schedules around personal lives and income goals
  • Financial stability: view shift earnings before you work
  • Unlimited income potential: work as little or as much as you want
  • Get paid quickly: ability to get paid the same day with Instapay
  • Unique and exciting work opportunities

There’s no shortage of opportunities for them to explore, either. Pros can find shifts in hospitality, retail, and warehouse/logistics. The most common role for Instawork in Louisville is general labor, but many other positions in the hospitality industry are also available, particularly during peak weeks like this one. 

Hourly workers looking to support Louisville businesses and build a flexible work schedule can visit www.instawork.com or download the app to learn more.