Why Instawork’s Rapid Growth is Being Celebrated

Since its founding in 2016, Instawork has been the leading flexible work app for local, hourly professionals. Over the years, our digital marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds.

We’re proud to currently connect thousands of businesses with more than three million hourly workers in the United States and Canada for roles in food & beverage, hospitality, and warehouse/logistics industries for both temporary and permanent job opportunities. 

Now, Instawork’s rapid growth is being celebrated and recognized - and you can be a part of that success. Visit www.instawork.com or download the app to learn more.

One of America’s fastest growing companies

The most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America, Inc. 5000, recently revealed that Instawork is in the top 10% of listed companies. This is Instawork’s first time on the annual data-driven list.

Instawork’s ranking as #456 was a result of the company achieving more than 1300% growth over the course of the past year. 

This year’s list highlights American companies that have been successful despite supply chain woes, labor shortages, and the ongoing impact of Covid-19. 

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A Startup with a bright future

Silicon Valley is full of startups - but Instawork is at the top, positioned for the coveted “unicorn status.”

So says Forbes, which recently included Instawork on their Next Billion Dollar Startups List, which profiles 25 companies that its experts say will prosper despite the current economic climate and a challenging year for the markets and investors. 

Instawork’s dedication to providing economic opportunity is what drives this success, but what has truly made the platform stand out is its determination to shape the future of work for the hourly workforce. 

Instawork CEO Sumir Meghani told Forbes, “I spend a lot of time thinking about what a LinkedIn for hourly workers would look like.” 

What Instawork offers businesses and workers

Instawork’s growth has been possible because of the hard work of our team, the businesses we serve - Instawork Partners - and the hourly workers who use our app - Instawork Pros. 

Millions of high quality, reliable Instawork Pros are matched with thousands of businesses to fill available shifts and deliver valuable services. 

The Instawork platform uses over 30 data points to best match Pros with businesses that need their skills and experience. We also encourage both hourly workers and businesses to rate each other on a five-star scale after each shift to help match future shifts with those who are best qualified. 

Businesses using Instawork experience:

  • Quick access to qualified workers in their community
  • Improved operational efficiency with quality and reliable staffing
  • Increased customer loyalty due happier staff and better experiences
  • Time saved on administrative tasks, returning focus to other top priorities

If you’re interested in learning how Instawork can help staff your business, complete the form below. Hourly workers looking to build a flexible work schedule can visit www.instawork.com or download the app to learn more.