Why Instawork is a “Great Place to Work”

Creating a strong corporate culture is ingrained in the mission and daily operations of the best workplaces. Instawork has now been Certified™ by Great Place to Work® based entirely on what our current employees say about their experience working at Instawork at a corporate level.

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Great benefits

Instawork offers a variety of benefits that allows our company to attract and retain top talent.

Employees enjoy above-average compensation, a flexible work schedule, and unlimited PTO, allowing individuals to prioritize their mental and physical health, balance careers with family time, and celebrate holidays and traditions that are important to them. 

Team members enjoy frequent leadership off-sites and virtual donut breaks where connections with colleagues can be forged and strengthened. And naturally, with a substantial portion of its workforce aged 25 or younger, Instawork encourages participation in the latest TikTok trends as a fun way to get team members engaged.

Company values are our north star

With a diverse group of more than 400 team members spread across the United States, India, Canada, South America and Asia, Instawork has developed a culture around our company values that serve as our guide as we work together to bring economic opportunities to our Pro and Partners. 

The application of these values inspires employees to do their best work, while ensuring they have adequate support to seize professional opportunities and to nurture their lives outside of work. 

As a result, an astounding 95% of Instawork employees report that it is a great place to work, a testament to the company's core values, and specifically, the commitment to our company values.

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We work with purpose

Instawork and our employees are proud to create a unique economic impact on the local communities that we serve. Whether it’s sharing stories about the businesses and people using our app or picking up shifts ourselves to gain a better understanding of how our work can create positive change, we tap into empathy to inspire continued passion in the workplace.

We want our employees to flourish during their time at Instawork, so we prioritize mentorship and continuous feedback within the organization. All team members are encouraged to find a mentor they can meet with regularly for professional growth and guidance. And with some of the top talent in the company or its network, Instawork employees can leverage these meaningful relationships to reach new professional heights. 

For over six years, Instawork has demonstrated what can be achieved by consistently supporting people — both as individuals and as a team — through empowered execution, continuous learning, and greater purpose.

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