What it's like working at a country club

What do you think about when you picture a country club? Probably swimming pools, golf courses, spas, and fine dining. Do you imagine yourself being successful there? You should! Country clubs need plenty of talented, hard-working professionals to staff these grand, high-end properties and keep them running smoothly.

Instawork Pros have told us time and time again that they love working at these venues. Our Pros regularly give country clubs 5-star reviews, which is more than any other venue. "Phenomenal staff, first-rate amenities, and bliss-inducing environment," Instawork Pro Eduardo R. explains.

Here’s what you need to know before your first country club shift.

Your work environment

Country clubs are often large, luxurious properties with fabulous decor and lush landscaping. Members enjoy activities like golf, tennis, and swimming. Fine dining and spa treatments are also available at many locations.

Country club members pay a monthly fee and existing members often have to sponsor new members. This makes country club membership feel ultra-exclusive.

Country clubs can also act as upscale venues for their members. They hold special events like weddings, anniversary parties, celebrations, or other large events. Unlike restaurants that experience a rush at mealtimes, country clubs can be busy at any time during the day.

Instawork Pros report that the fancy and fast-paced environment is what makes this a fun and satisfying shift to work. “Everyone is awesome, friendly, professional, and hardworking,” says Instawork Pro Jennifer F. “Constantly working, but fun environment.”

Golf course at Half Moon Bay Golf Links

What to expect on your first shift

Professionalism is key when it comes to succeeding in a country club. You should pay extra attention to your appearance, meaning dress appropriately for your shift and read requirements beforehand. You never know what will be asked of you. “Bring your tools, and dress in a clean uniform” advises Instawork Pro Joseph R. “You might be carving food in front of guests if there is an event.” Joseph adds that he had accepted a prep cook shift, so he was surprised to be working at a carving station. Arriving prepared is a good rule of thumb.

Teamwork is another essential in this setting. Expectations are high and the environment is fast-paced. Professionalism, experience, and teamwork help to keep everyone focused and moving in the right direction, even during the busiest times. “Teamwork makes the dream work.” says Instawork Pro Juan G.

Instawork Pros enjoy working closely with country club staff. Instawork Pro Christopher M. described his experience: “Chef Michael was very welcoming and included other Chefs and staff. I had an amazing experience with everyone. The entire team was very professional and made me feel a part of the hospitality team”.

Country clubs also enjoy working with Instawork Pros. Just ask Marie O'Brian, Restaurant Manager at Half Moon Bay Golf Links — a world-class resort known for its acclaimed golf courses.

“There are some very high profile events that we do here, and we get emails from people all the time saying how great the event was, and how friendly and wonderful the staff was,” O’Brian shared. “They don't even know that they’re Instawork Pros — they just think that we're all one big family.”

Country club roles you can find on Instawork

  • Bartender - Serving an upscale clientele means you need to bring your “A-game.” Have a good mixology knowledge, plus experience with top-shelf wines, liquor, etc.
  • Server - Country clubs need special event servers and servers for the dining room, clubhouse, bar, etc.
  • Dishwasher - The workload tends to be fast-paced and ongoing. Dishwashers keep everything stocked and moving. 
  • Busser - Maintain clean spaces by quickly clearing dishes and service items.
  • Prep cook - Do the advanced work to make dishes come out looking perfect. Come prepared to dive in and do whatever is needed.
  • Line cook - Delight and dazzle by preparing burgers, chops, entrees, and sandwiches to order.
  • Attendant - Clean, maintain, and check out golf carts. Clean golf clubs and load into golf carts.
  • Driver - Drive golf carts for members or work trucks around the grounds.
  • Valet - Assist members with parking. Particularly busy during special events.
Instawork Pro Art F. serving at an upscale happy hour

Premium service basics

Wherever you work, great customer service means being friendly, patient, and helpful. But when it comes to a premium setting like a country club, adding polish is a must.

Country clubs are conservative workplaces. Staff should maintain a neat, tidy, and well-groomed appearance while on site. You’re aiming to blend in and look professional, not to stand out. Cover tattoos, tone down make-up, and jewelry. Your best bet is always to stick to the dress code.

It’s also important to be polite and service-minded whenever you’re on the grounds. Your goal is to make members feel comfortable and welcome the entire time they are at their club. While you want to be friendly and helpful, make sure to not be overly casual, too chatty, or informal as it may come off as unprofessional.

While a premium service model may seem uptight, it also means great tips and better pay. Members tend to be generous tippers and appreciative of stellar service. A country club is a great environment to go the extra mile and challenge yourself to grow professionally.

Tips from Pros

Remember you have access to other Pros’ feedback through the Instawork app. We highly encourage you to read the feedback section before you book a shift at a country club, so you’ll know what to expect.

Here are some great tips from Instawork Pros who have worked at country clubs:

  • Rick A: Keep the golf club looking new. You’ll be noticed.
  • Brittany S: Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Monica M: Very nice people and environment. Ask questions to the staff, help out, so you can avoid standing around.
  • Chris B: Fast-paced, friendly environment you’ll be moving around a lot.
  • Ricky C: Good gig. Bring an extra shirt!
  • Phil P: Great place to work, the staff is helpful. Come prepared to work, there's plenty of it! It's a fast-paced kitchen.

The bottom line

Country clubs offer fun, lively shifts in beautiful, ultra-professional environments. Staff enjoy the variety of work and learn a lot from their experiences.

Country club shifts are hot and booking up quickly. Pick up your next shift at a country club to see and see for yourself! Instawork Top Pros at any level get early access to cool shifts like these and more. If you're new to Instawork, get started by signing up and building your profile today!