Welcoming Geoff Donaker to our board

We are delighted to share that Geoff Donaker has joined Instawork’s board of directors. On the heels of announcing the expansion of our gig marketplace and previously raised $10 million in funding from investors like Benchmark, it is time to grow our board expertise once again.

We are incredibly honored that Geoff is joining us. Geoff spent nearly 14 years at Yelp, starting as employee 10 and its first manager, and helped scaled it into an impactful publicly traded company that supports local businesses and consumers. He rose to become Yelp’s COO and Board Member, and became one of the most experienced executives at scaling startups and building thriving local marketplaces, which is a special skill set that will add a lot of value at Instawork.

Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp co-founder and CEO, told me once that Geoff was very integral to the early success of Yelp and often had the instincts and attitude of a founder. This comment deeply resonated with me. Geoff left Yelp in an operating capacity in 2016 to focus on start-up advising and investing via Burst Capital, a fund he started with fellow Yelp veteran Rob Krolik.

At Instawork, our vision is to create economic opportunity for local businesses and professionals, globally. We are building an impactful company that will enable millions of Professionals to grow and expand their careers. To achieve our goals, we must build a world-class team at every level of the organization, including our board, who can help Instawork achieve its maximum potential. Independent board members are critical to building an enduring company. They often bring the voice of the customer to the table and diversify thinking in a room of investors and founders.

Bill Gurley and I are excited to welcome Geoff to the board and we both believe he will be an amazing steward of Instawork’s vision and values.