Warehouse Jobs - Next best place to find a gig

Times are hard! You hear it everywhere and you feel it too. As COVID-19 hit the world this year, it left people pondering what awaits their future. While COVID-19 has negatively affected many industries, warehouses are growing. To help you decide if warehouse work is for you, we’ve shared five skills you need to do a great job. 

While many industries are experiencing a setback, e-commerce has started gaining momentum as people spend more time at home. With the holiday season approaching, we can expect to see an even higher percentage of sales on e-commerce platforms. That’s when warehouses, fulfilment, and distribution centres need more people than ever to fill the spike in customer orders.

If you’re curious about what warehouse jobs are like, then this article is for you. Here are a few things that can help you gain the confidence to approach this new industry for your earning - 


  • Coordination: Warehouse jobs need coordination and every person’s contribution matters to bring in the results. Warehouses need people for different types of jobs. Warehouse workers perform functions related to the receiving and processing of incoming goods and materials. Warehouses also have jobs like picking ordered items, packing and labelling them, and shipping them.
  • Opportunity to learn: It is also a good job for learning and showing future employers that one has good transferable skills for lots of other jobs. You can join as a warehouse associate and with progress can become a coordinator and later, even an inventory manager.
  • Proper pay: Warehouse jobs will pay you pretty well too than most jobs that involve manual labour and have multiple time-slots to work at any time of the day. If you have to attend school in the daytime or look after your kids, you can surely pick up a working slot at night.
  • Communication and leadership skills: It helps to improve communication and teamwork skills. One may gain more responsibility as they progress, which can help in building leadership skills, which are great for any job where one needs to manage a team.
  • Staying fit: The job can be rewarding if one enjoys meeting targets and prefers to be on feet and finds desk jobs to be mundane. Many of these jobs in a factory warehouse helps in keeping one’s mind busy, body fit, and increases dexterity. The jobs involve bodily movements like walking and lifting, which can help you stay in better shape and health. 


We hope you have cheered up a bit! Now all you need to do is find the right warehouse job. That is where you need a platform like Instawork. We will help you find the right places to work warehouse shifts in your area. And the best part, Instawork offers you the flexibility to work when you want.

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