Top 3 Challenges Instawork Solves For Working Moms

From soccer games to packing lunches to the massive piles of laundry, a mother’s work is never done. 

The endless stream of work inside the home can make working outside of the home feel impossible at times. 

With Instawork, moms don’t have to choose between the two. Here are ways that the platform solves challenges facing working mothers.

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1. Wanting to be present for your kids

Unlike a full or part-time job, Instawork gives mothers the complete freedom and control to pick which shifts they’d like to work, allowing them to determine what fits into their schedule. 

If a mama has a busy week of kids activities or a gap in childcare, she can take that week off by not picking up any shifts, eliminating the need to ask a boss for time off from work or scrambling to find alternative childcare. Or if a mom finds herself with unexpected free time and would like to earn some extra money, she can easily open the app and schedule an upcoming shift or several!

70% of Professionals who use Instawork are caregivers to at least one dependent, which shows how successful this work arrangement has been for thousands of working mothers.

2. The cost of childcare

Paying for someone to watch the kids while they work is one of the most common barriers to moms spending time outside of the house to provide for their families. What’s the point of leaving children in childcare if it costs the same amount of money as they’d earn on the job?

The price of childcare has also gone up dramatically over time. Recent surveys show that costs rose 41% over the course of the pandemic with families spending up to 20% of their earnings to ensure their kids are cared for while they’re at work.

Instawork helps to ease this burden and make it more profitable for working mothers to spend time in the workforce. In many states, Instawork Pros can earn more than double of the local minimum wage.

On Instawork, moms are being paid fairly for their valuable time!

3. The right qualifications

It can be difficult for mothers to reenter the workforce after taking breaks to focus on raising their children. 

The workforce and the skills needed to succeed in it are constantly changing, making it hard to keep up! 

Instawork gives mothers the opportunity to try different kinds of roles and learn new skills in the hospitality, retail, e-commerce, and warehouse industries. These opportunities are the perfect way to ease back into the workforce after spending time raising the kids.

It can also provide a way for current working moms to try something new and exciting, especially since our Pros rave about the unique experiences they have by picking up shifts on the platform.

Meet an Instawork Mom

Meet Carrie, mother of four and an experienced Instawork Pro!


Carrie wanted to return to the workforce but needed to make her own schedule. She used Instawork to connect with flexible work opportunities that allowed her to both care and provide for her children. 

“Being able to go to their games was very important to me and being able to be a part of their life,” Carrie told Instawork.

“I can make money and actually at the same time I can be a part of my family’s life and even have some time to myself and pay my bills,” she added.

Previously struggling financially, Carrie now says, “Instawork has seriously changed my life.”

Here’s how other working moms like Carrie that want flexible work can utilize the Instawork platform! 

Create an Instawork profile

Instawork Pros can create a profile, find a shift that matches their skills and interests, and start working in as little as 24 hours. Pros are also able to build their own work schedule, view total earnings before the shift, and have the opportunity to get paid instantly through Instapay. 

Hourly workers - including working mothers or mothers looking to reenter the workforce - who want to build a flexible work schedule can visit or download the app to learn more.

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