The Side Hustle That’s Paying Off Medical Bills

When Christian Saysourivong’s medical bills threw shade on his creative pursuits, Instawork Gigs pulled him through.

Christian Saysourivong is relatively new to the world of hospitality and in the span of two short months, he’s worked in more than 20 Bay Area restaurants in a variety of roles from dishwasher and prep cook to busser and server. His secret? His friendly disposition, amazing work ethic and Instawork Gigs.

The self described artist works on an underground fashion design concept (American Cream) with his business partner. Christian led design and business development for the company until 2017 when he suffered from a debilitating health issue that took him out of commission for a year. As he recuperated and regained his energy, the medical bills began to pile up — and Christian began to think about ways that he could start earning money quickly.

At the recommendation of a good friend who had worked Gigs, Christian skeptically downloaded the Instawork app and was surprised to find that he was assigned to great paying temporary jobs quickly.

“I love the flexibility that Gigs gives me. It was a great way for me to transition back to work after a long year of not being able to do anything. I started off slow with one to two Gigs per week, and gradually ramped it up to working 4 days a week, squeezing in two, sometimes three Gigs in a day. “

Today Christian compresses all of his Gigs work into four days (Tuesday — Friday) So that he can have three days off to focus on his other projects. Businesses love him, 25% of the time he’s been offered a job at the end of a Gig shift, though he’s declined them all stating that he’s trying to free up time to pursue his creative project.

“The pay is great, I get to make my own schedule and I enjoying meeting new people and learning something new every day. Gigs gives me the flexibility to pursue my passion project: American Cream, and pay off my medical bills a little faster.”

He’s off to a super strong start with Gigs and we know we’ll be hearing more great things from him as time goes on!

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