Temporary jobs that get you closer to your dreams

When hard work meets opportunity, anything is possible.

Jose fled his native country and was granted asylum in the US. Like many in his situation, he came completely alone, and with nothing. “I left my parents, my kids, my whole family,” he says.

Starting over fresh in the US meant a struggle to find work. Jose was persistent — every day, he’d walk into restaurants and ask if they were hiring — but he felt it never got him very far. When Jose was able to find work this way, it was usually part-time jobs as a dishwasher — he never got a chance to show off his cooking skills. He felt overlooked and undervalued.

Jose says Instawork Gigs helped him change all that. He’s able to find consistent, well-paying work with Gigs, and he likes that he gets to work in a variety of different restaurants. “I’ve been working full-time with Gigs. It’s so much easier to find jobs near me.”

Jose is now able to send money monthly to help his family back home. “Everything I do is for them,” he says. Now, one of his goals is to save enough money to visit them, and he feels confident he’ll get there. It means a lot to him that he can help his family while still setting his own schedule. “I can book gigs when I want,” he says. “I choose when to work. If I want a day off, I just don’t pick a gig that day.”

Maybe most importantly, he says he feels empowered about his skills and abilities. “With Instawork Gigs, I walk into a restaurant feeling confident, like I’ll be treated with respect.” He feels like he has control, not just of his schedule, but of the type of work he does. And he gets paid what his skills are worth. “I’m my own boss,” he says.

And for Jose, being the boss has its perks. “When I came here, my dream was to buy a car. I didn’t think I’d ever find a great job like Instawork.” Jose recently bought his car, and he’s grateful and excited that he’s been able to save money, buy a car, and still help care for his family back home. “It’s not the newest car, but it’s what I always dreamed of,” he says proudly. “I’m starting on the road to my dreams.”

Jose’s story is typical of so many people who come to the United States seeking safety and a better life. Every one of those stories is about a real person, with loved ones, dreams, fears, and ambitions. So many are stories of hard work and opportunity. For Jose, Instawork provided the opportunity, and he provided the hard work to start a better life.

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