New webinar: What do economic data mean for your business?

Understand data to make better decisions

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With the economy in a moment of high uncertainty, correctly interpreting the data that it generates has taken on a new level of importance. Knowing where prices, wages, and interest rates are going is critical for planning and decision-making – how much to buy, how much to hire, how much to invest. Instawork is a data-driven business, too, and that's why we're pleased to offer a new webinar on understanding economic data.

Our own chief economist will be joined by a panel of leading experts on December 19 at 1 pm EST for an informative and educational discussion. These economists aren't just experts at interpreting data; they're also media veterans who are experts at sharing insights with lay audiences:

Claudia Sahm, founder, Sahm Consulting – Claudia is a former Federal Reserve and White House economist. She is a highly regarded expert on the macroeconomy and monetary and fiscal policy. She created the Sahm rule, a closely followed recession indicator.

Guy Berger, former Principal Economist, LinkedIn – Guy is a deeply experienced interpreter – and creator – of economic data, especially data covering the labor market. He has many years of experience building economic models and indicators and is a frequent guest on national media.

Daniel Altman, Chief Economist, Instawork – Dan draws insights from the labor market to share internally and externally for Instawork. He has decades of experience analyzing data as an academic, consultant, journalist, and strategy executive. He taught economics at New York University's Stern School of Business and is an internationally bestselling author.

How the economy affects your day-to-day

Economic data are released almost every day, both by the government and by sources in the private sector. With so many reports and publications, teasing out the most relevant statistics is a crucial skill. We'll help you to narrow your focus and get the most leverage from the numbers. These are a few of the topics we'll be discussing on December 19 at 1 pm EST:

Prices and spending

  • Which measures of inflation matter most for your business, directly or indirectly?
  • Which numbers on consumer spending are most closely linked to demand for your products?
  • What can you say about future demand using data from the supply chain?

Labor markets

  • Which data should you watch most closely when making hiring plans?
  • How can you tell how tight the labor market is in your industry?
  • What are good guidelines for pay rates and benefits costs?

Interest rates and financial markets

  • How do financial markets react to the Federal Reserve's changes in short-term interest rates?
  • What do interest rates say about future changes in the cost of capital?
  • Which data should you watch to decide when to invest?

You'll also have the chance to ask your own questions during our Q&A. Whether your business deals with goods or services, with employees working in person or remotely, you're sure to pick up valuable tips on understanding the economy from these experts. Sign up today to reserve your place!

Sign up for our webinar on interpreting economic data