Instawork Introduces Long-Term Staffing

In the dynamic world of business, the ability to adapt to consumer demand is crucial. Companies often face the challenge of balancing the need for a flexible workforce with the desire for stable, long-term staff.

As Instawork is the leading platform for connecting businesses with skilled hourly workers, we want to ensure we address the evolving needs of the businesses and workers we serve.  As a result, we’re announcing long-term staffing to our product offerings.

This new offering allows businesses across North America to increase productivity and save money by reducing the amount of costly training that occurs when onboarding new temporary workers.

How businesses and workers are coming together is evolving

The timing for long-term staffing couldn't be more perfect. Traditional staffing agencies have been struggling with retention rates, with only half of the hourly workers staying beyond the first month. This lack of long-term dependability has been a thorn in the side of businesses that require a consistent and reliable workforce.

A recent survey revealed that an impressive 70% of our network of hourly workers, known as Pros, are willing to commit to long-term positions (at least five shifts per week), indicating a strong desire for stability and regular work schedules. This is a clear indication that there is a significant pool of workers looking for the right opportunity to settle in with a business looking for their skills, experience, and commitment.

Instawork’s approach is different

What sets Instawork apart is our technology. It meticulously vets a business' position requirements against the skills and experience of over 6 million workers, ensuring only the best matches are made. This technology goes beyond the basics, considering factors such as a Pro's proximity to the business and their mode of transportation. The result? A doubling of Pro retention rates after 30 days, thanks to improved quality and reliability.

Pros looking for long-term positions also go through a rigorous vetting process. They complete an application process as well as complete a background check to ensure they are able to meet all of a business’ needs.

Instawork: Calendar view of long-term staffing

Benefits of long-term staffing

There are many benefits for businesses and workers looking to connect on a longer-term basis. Skilled long-term workers who stay with a business for at least a month become more familiar with operations and, as a result, are more productive than those who come and go. This stability allows permanent staff to focus on their core responsibilities rather than training newcomers, which is particularly valuable during times of economic uncertainty. Additionally, businesses also save money on overtime and boost worker morale by preventing worker burnout from asking them to work constant overtime shifts.

Instawork is on a mission to redefine how businesses and workers come together to ensure success. With our new long-term staffing offering, we are setting a new standard for how businesses and hourly workers connect and thrive.

To learn more about how long-term staffing can help your business, request a demo and someone will be in touch shortly.