How to make money and holiday magic with flexible work in Orlando

Sunshine, beaches, and a very famous mouse. Orlando is fun at any time of year and it’s especially magical at the holidays. 

But when the costs of the festivities add up, the festive vibe can switch from joyous to stressful faster than you can say “theme park.”

Instead, workers in Orlando can now fund their holiday spending with Instawork. Utilizing flexible work allows you to build the schedule you want to have during this busy time of year, leaving you time to enjoy this sparkling season with your family and friends.

The average hourly pay rate on the Instawork platform in the Orlando metro area is $17 per hour – well over the state’s minimum wage of $11.

While Florida recently upped its minimum wage by a dollar as part of its six-year plan to bring the minimum wage to $15 by 2026, flexible workers who join Instawork won’t have to wait years to achieve the increased level of income. You can get fast access to higher pay rates - even more important with current inflation and a recession looming. And those holiday presents aren’t going to pay for themselves! 

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Main event or side hustle - earn how you want

More than 48,000 people in Orlando have already downloaded the Instawork app and are working to staff business locations across the metro area. 

Hourly workers who are ready to become an Instawork Pro can easily download the app, create a profile, find a shift that matches their skills and interests, and start working in as little as 24 hours. Pros can find shifts in hospitality, retail, and warehouse/logistics.

Hourly professionals using Instawork experience: 

  • Work flexibility: build schedules around personal lives and income goals
  • Financial stability - view shift earnings before you work
  • Unlimited income potential: work as little or as much as you want
  • Get paid quickly: ability to get paid the same day with Instapay
  • Unique and exciting work opportunities

Common roles for Instawork in Orlando include prep cook, event server, warehouse associate, general labor, and counter staff/cashier.

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While many Instawork Pros use the platform as their full time job, others enjoy grabbing shifts to make extra cash. 

Jonathan, a teacher and tutor in Orlando, uses flexible work to lead shifts as an Instawork Captain in his spare time. From event serving to prep cook to warehouse work, he’s done it all! Concerts are his favorite shift to work. And he says his next Instawork challenge is going to be bartending.

He told us, “I love the flexibility and the ability to transfer shifts depending on what my schedule is like with my students. And the ability to try things I haven’t done before is great.”

Businesses can access quality Pros

High quality, reliable Instawork Pros are matched with businesses, Instawork Partners, to fill available shifts and deliver valuable services. 

The Instawork platform uses over 30 data points to best match Pros with businesses that need their skills and experience. We also encourage both hourly workers and businesses to rate each other on a five-star scale after each shift to help match future shifts with those who are best qualified. 

Businesses that rely on Instawork Pros range from nationally-recognized hotels and restaurant groups to some of the city’s favorite local hot spots. Instawork is also proud to staff over half of the baseball and football stadiums across the country, including in Orlando. 

Businesses using Instawork experience:

  • Quick access to qualified workers in their community
  • Improved operational efficiency with quality and reliable staffing
  • Increased customer loyalty due happier staff and better experiences
  • Time saved on administrative tasks, returning focus to other top priorities

If you’re interested in learning how Instawork can help staff your business, complete the form below. Hourly workers looking to build a flexible work schedule can visit or download the app to learn more.