How Instawork improves hospitality staffing quality

Hotels, venues, and restaurants are still struggling to hire reliable hospitality workers. Being short-staffed not only caps business revenue, but it also adds daily stress on the team and increases labor costs from overtime, mistakes made, and eventually burnout.

Has a staffing agency promised you 10 workers, only to have 5 of them show up?

Over the last couple of months, we’ve increasingly heard this from businesses across the United States. No wonder why staffing firms have such a bad reputation, with an average Net Promoter Score of 28%.

And while many cite the shrinking labor workforce, we’ve seen over 50,000 per month people sign up looking for work, and that number has been growing since March 2021.

We know that having people on our platform isn’t enough. They not only need to be qualified to perform the work, but they also need to show up! Reliability means delivering the number of qualified people you need at any given time.

Our ‘high-tech’ and ‘high-touch’ approach makes sure we support everyone along the way.

Business customers most appreciate:

  • A 30-data point collection and vetting process
  • Seeing the worker’s profile and location status ahead of the shift
  • Building a roster of great Instawork Professionals as your growing on-call team
  • Scheduling and communications through a web and mobile app

“It’s like living downtown and deciding that you don’t need to own a car anymore because it is so easy to use Uber.”

- Greg Stewart, General Manager, Andrienne Arsht Center

Verifiable, up-to-date work profile

Through an easy app, Instawork vets a person’s work experience, including references, certifications, and previous jobs. And they start working through Instawork, they build on their profile with customer rating scores and feedback. We collect over 30 data points about both the worker's skills, work attitude, and reliability. Take, for example, Bryin’s profile (see full profile here)

Work experience
Broader work experience

Real-time status of Instawork work experience.

Pro Profile - Hours Worked
Real-time status of Instawork work experience.
Work feedback
Feedback from other businesses and coworkers

Incentives for a job well done

You’re busy. That’s why you need staff! And during that time, it may be hard to remember to keep the team motivated. So Instawork provides that motivation for you. Besides having high expectations for pros to commit to shifts, Instawork also offers a variety of recognition and incentives to keep an Instawork Professional motivated.

See how Brandon, and Instawork Professional, responded when an Instawork employee sent them a video saying “great job.”

The essential flexible staffing app for you

We’ve built flexibility into the traditional staffing model so you can always stay fully staffed, while keeping overhead low. We can help you design a staffing program for one-off shifts, ongoing needs, or temp-to-hire roles. And we have your HR’s back on paperwork, payroll, worker compensation insurance, and compliance.