Why hospitality work is better on Instawork

A lot of people working in the hospitality industry love what they do. Cooks say they love getting paid to pursue their passion for food, while many bartenders love the fast-paced and social environment.

But the hospitality industry can also have its downsides — demanding hours, difficult workplaces, and low wages. It’s no wonder that so many hospitality workers have left the industry in the last couple of years.

At Instawork, we’re proud to offer a better experience. Since Instawork Professionals have more control over when they work, what they do, and who they work for, they get to do their job on their own terms. But what does that look like?

Set your own schedule

Almost anyone who’s worked in hospitality has a story about missing a special event or holiday because they had to work. With Instawork, though, you get to make your own schedule and select the shifts that work for you. The best part? There’s no required number of hours — you can work as much or as little as you want.

This flexibility makes Instawork a great fit for: 

  • Parents
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Full-time or part-time workers 
  • People looking to change industries
  • Travelers
  • Retirees

“I like it because I have kids. I’m a single mom, so I have to be able to work when I can around their schedule — when they dont have doctors, when they don’t have school, when I have someone to watch them,” said Instawork Pro Mary Salvano.

Good pay — fast

One of the things you’ll notice if you browse shifts on Instawork is the higher hourly rates, which are often above minimum wage or the industry standard. According to one Pro based in Austin, TX, Instawork Shifts “pay well above a living wage.”

“The hourly rate [is the] best in the industry,” added a Pro from Los Angeles.

Some shifts even offer tips too! Most Instawork Pros get paid weekly, but by reaching a certain level in the Top Pro program, you can even qualify for Instapay — where you get paid right after finishing a shift.

Instawork Pro Chester Lemon explained on the CBS Evening News that Instapay is one of his favorite things about the app.


Find the right environment for you

When you’re headed to your first day at a hospitality job, you rarely know what to expect. With Instawork, though, you can see advice and feedback from other Pros who have worked with employers (or Partners, as we call them) before. These reviews can help you determine whether or not a workplace may be a good fit for you.

“If I apply to a restaurant and get the job… and I walk in there on day one and I hate it, I'm stuck,” said Instawork Pro Bryin W. from Los Angeles. “With Instawork, if you go into a shift and you love it, you can do it again” — and if you don’t, you can choose a different shift or Partner next time.

Pros often have great things to say about their fellow team members, too.

On his very first shift, Instawork Pro Starrell E. said he “worked alongside people I consider to be friends to this day.” 

“We all work together and have built an Instawork family. We share jobs and also hang out on our days off,” Starrell added.

Another thing Pros love: the fun environments they get to work in. Lots of shifts take place at interesting venues like museums, country clubs, or even stadiums!


“I was able to work at SoFi, LA’s newest stadium and it was an awesome experience,” said Instawork Pro Michael A. “The environment was fun, the patrons were very friendly. One night, we were able to serve Rihanna! It was very exciting.”

Build your skills with a variety of shifts

There are tons of different hospitality shifts available on Instawork. Some you may have done, while others may be new to you — which is a great way to spread your wings. Whether you want to build new skills or just shake things up, there are plenty of opportunities for you to choose from.

A few roles that are frequently in demand include: 

  • Event server
  • Cocktail server 
  • Food runner 
  • Bartender
  • Dishwasher
  • Busser
  • Prep cook
  • Line cook 

“This app gives people of all levels of experience a chance to try new and different positions and work in different hospitality environments. I love Instawork and always refer people to try it,” said one Instawork Pro from San Diego.

The Perks

Instawork values Pros, and likes to show it! Instawork offers rewards for reliability, hard work, and quality. Besides the Instapay feature mentioned earlier, other perks in the Top Pro program include:

  • Early access to shifts
  • Bonuses
  • Invitations to events
  • Entrance in a monthly prize drawing

There are also special giveaways and contests from time to time, like the recent TikTok contest that gave $1,000 to 10 Instawork Pros with the best dance moves.

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Build your Instawork profile today to see for yourself why hospitality work is better on Instawork!