Instawork - Creating part-time economic opportunities near you

Finally, 2020 came to an end. It’s 2021, but things still look the same as thousands of people look into an unsure future after being unemployed during a pandemic. The thought of an uncertain tomorrow draw several thoughts in their minds like - 

  • Is there a way to earn according to my schedule?
  • How can I make some extra bucks to fulfill that long-awaited wish or just pay those long-due bills? 
  • Can I earn a living just by being a gig-worker?
  • I want to try something new in my career.
  • I don’t like my workplace. I don’t want to go back there. Is there a way I can go on earning but at some other place immediately after the first one? 


If you felt similar and a ‘yes’ popped up in your head to any or all of these questions, then you should consider a platform like Instawork. We are gearing up with as many job opportunities as possible to as many as we can. Our company aims at providing economic opportunity for local businesses and professionals through our hiring platform. 


In simpler words, when a hiring manager needs extra workers, they connect with us through our business platform. We then find them the best-suited professionals like you for the job. We believe that satisfaction is one of the most important aspects in one’s professional life and thus we cut down on the exasperating experience of negotiating for a position, wage, and working schedule. 


In short, people working with us will get, 

  • Flexibility - Our professionals have every freedom to choose jobs according to their schedule.
  • Hourly wages - Our professionals earn on an hourly basis so they don’t have to work more than what they are scheduled for. Based on various studies, it was found that a gig-working professional can make more money than others who work full-time.
  • Opportunity to learn - Gig workers always have a better chance of learning new skills at work and make a difference in their job profile. For example, a professional picker at a warehouse who wants to work as a packer can develop the skills at work and start working as one.
  • Growth in professional networks - Our professionals get a good exposure to work at various places and in various positions. This creates a notion of self-awareness in them and eventually helps them to choose the best career for themselves.


We, at Instawork, offer work for various positions across Hospitality and Light Industry.  


While our Hospitality wing provides opportunities for positions like cooks, bartenders, servers, dishwashers, runners, and others; our Light Industry wing concentrates on Warehouse associates for picking, packing, loading, unloading, fork-lift and pallet jack operations, and others. We also offer positions like janitorial, merchandising, and delivery drivers. To see the full list of job positions available in your area, create an account.


Since warehouse jobs are gaining prominence in the current situation, we are looking for more people like you to join us. We have partnered with multiple logistic companies and grocery warehouses who are looking for more manpower. You can earn up to $15 to even $20 an hour by working shifts that you think would work for you. Also, we reward our professionals with badges and upgraded Gold status to keep them encouraged. We provide training documents to our professionals to gain knowledge about warehouses and its different operations.


Most importantly, we provide the utmost care for our professional’s safety. Read more about our commitment to our professionals’ and partners’ health and safety. 


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