Employee Spotlight: Mike Lenz, Sr. Marketing Manager

Our mission at Instawork is to create economic opportunities for local businesses and professionals, globally. In order to achieve that mission, we have built a team composed of talented and hard-working individuals who are passionate about connecting skilled hourly professionals with local businesses who need their services.

Our Employee Spotlight series takes the opportunity to highlight members of our team and to give a glimpse into our culture and what it’s like to work at Instawork. To highlight the diversity of our team, we’ve asked Mike Lenz, Sr. Marketing Manager, to share more about his experience working at Instawork. 

What do you do at Instawork and how long have you been with the company?

I manage our marketing team focused on finding new business partners in need of staffing and labor solutions. I’ve been with Instawork since June of 2021, and it’s been an exciting ride since then as we’ve been able to help so many organizations find the workers they need to keep operating during one of the most challenging labor markets in recent memory.

What initially attracted you to Instawork? 

The opportunity to join a company that was starting to hit its stride and also had a compelling mission beyond just being a business tool was really exciting. All I had to do was look at recent reviews in the app store to see that Instawork was really making a difference in people's lives and offering new ways to earn a living that put more control in the hands of the hourly workforce.

On top of that, from a personal perspective, coming into a growing company with lots of room to make an impact on processes, tools, and the way we marketed our service was an exciting opportunity as a marketing professional.

What's your favorite part of your job?

I love to see businesses have that ‘ah-ha’ moment when they start to see the value of using Instawork Professionals in their operations, and how easy it is to use our tools to solve what for most of them is a make-or-break need - staffing - within their business.

It’s also been great to see the Instawork marketing team start to hit our stride this year as we launched our first-ever research reports, had an exciting presence at countless events across the country, and have started to produce our own industry-focused content aimed to educate our Partners and communities. 

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What is one piece of “work from home” equipment you couldn’t live without?

I have a pretty barebones setup in my home office, so I’d actually say that purchasing a set of free weights during the pandemic has been the most important part of staying happy and healthy.

I started working out from home immediately after I wrap up for the day, and being able to put in a full day’s work while still keeping a balance with exercise is one of the most important benefits I’ve seen being remote.

What's the most important thing you've learned since starting at Instawork?

Because we’re a company that is still growing and learning every week, it’s important to not stay tied to any given approach or strategy.

Working with people with a background in the tech and startup world has pushed me to use a scientific approach, and put a heavy emphasis on data to tell a full story. It’s made me a better marketer and strategist.

In 10 words or less, how would you describe the culture at Instawork?

Exciting service that offers more than just another SaaS tool.

If you're interested in joining Instawork, working alongside team members like Mike, visit our Careers page to view current job opportunities.