Employee Spotlight: Matthew Rossi, Regional Sales Manager

Our mission at Instawork is to create economic opportunities for local businesses and professionals, globally. In order to achieve that mission, we have built a team composed of talented and hard-working individuals who are passionate about connecting skilled hourly professionals with local businesses who need their services.

Our Employee Spotlight series takes the opportunity to highlight members of our team and to give a glimpse into our culture and what it’s like to work at Instawork. To highlight the diversity of our team, we’ve asked Matthew Rossi, Regional Sales Manager, to share more about his experience working at Instawork. 

What do you do at Instawork and how long have you been with the company?

I am a Regional Sales Manager based in Chicago. I have four Senior Account Executives based in the Midwest that report to me while selling to enterprise light industrial and hospitality accounts. I've been at Instawork for more than three years. 

What initially attracted you to Instawork? 

The idea of working with Sumir Meghani again! I saw him come up with the idea for Instawork during a Groupon sales pitch to a San Francisco restaurant. Another attraction was working with Mike Bohnett, Instawork's Vice President of Sales. In our first interaction, his sales knowledge was intoxicating. I was always left wanting to learn more about any sales topic or process from him.

What's your favorite part of your job?

Having an impact on the organization from the ground up, from developing new verticals like light industrial to growing our hospitality business. Instawork provides you with the tools to “act like an owner” so that you can have an immediate impact on the organization’s process and sales perspectives. 

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What is one piece of “work from home” equipment you couldn’t live without? 

My AirPods & standing desk. I pace around my basement like a caged animal.

What's the most important thing you've learned since starting at Instawork?

How to develop a sharp sales process and network within the hospitality & light industrial/warehouse industries.

In 10 words or less, how would you describe the culture at Instawork?

An exciting, fun, fast paced, electric, family-oriented, and collaborative company.

If you're interested in joining Instawork, working alongside team members like Matthew, visit our Careers page to view current job opportunities.