Introducing our Chief Economist

Daniel Altman is the chief economist at Instawork. He is an expert at analyzing and sharing labor trends, particularly within the hourly workforce.

Dan wrote economics commentary for The Economist and The New York Times and later served as an economic advisor for the British government. He has also been the global economics columnist for the International New York Times, the senior editor for economics at Foreign Policy, and an adjunct associate professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he taught global macroeconomic forecasting.

Dan was the first director of thought leadership at Dalberg, a global consulting firm focused on international development. He also spent several years pioneering unique tools for analyzing the labor market and career trajectories of professional athletes. After two years as head of strategy for Kaplan-Levien Sports Group, he launched, the first public source of advanced analytics for soccer players.

Dan is an accomplished speaker and writer on a variety of economic topics, including bargaining power in the labor market, productivity of individuals within teams, factors underpinning long-term economic growth, and the economic effects of inequality. He received his doctorate in economics from Harvard University in 2000.