Office Libations relies on Instawork to scale event business

Office Libations is a San Francisco Bay-based beverage and snack provider that helps clients keep their employees fueled throughout the day. The company offers support for corporate events, including bartending services and a well-stocked bar, and can accommodate parties of all sizes.

Staffing limitations were holding back business growth

When they first started out, Office Libations was able to support their events business with just a few bartenders on call. However, as the bookings grew they had to recruit directly or use traditional staffing agencies. As a result, they ran into some issues that impacted their ability to provide clients with the top-notch service they have come to expect from Office Libations.

“The stress of staffing these events led us to the point where we were considering either scaling them back or completely eliminating them,” said Heather Ulich, account manager for Office Libations.

Instead, Heather found Instawork. She got in touch with the team and shared her concerns based on her experiences with staffing agencies. The Instawork team assured her that they’d be able to address the pain points she’d experienced in the past, and they did. Office Libations has been a loyal customer ever since.

The joy of promising AND delivering the best service

“I’m blown away by the quality of the people that Instawork has on their roster,” says Ulich.

Office Libations promises their clients the best service in the industry, and they hold all their team to an extraordinarily high standard. With Instawork, they can reach thousands of qualified bartenders with gig postings.

“Out of the dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds, of professionals we have booked through Instawork, we have had only one small issue. Instawork contacted me and immediately took care of everything,” says Heather.

Coming through, even for last-minute bookings

Office Libations relies on Instawork to accommodate scheduling changes given they tend to get a lot of last-minute event bookings. With Instawork, this isn’t a problem.

“I’ve always been able to get our positions booked through Instawork, every single time,” says Heather.

Even when Office Libations had a bartender cancel an hour before an event, Instawork was able to get the gig staffed with a high quality professional.

Not only did Instawork enable Office Libations to continue the events portion of their business, but it also allowed them to scale the service. “As we started growing more, we needed something that was going to be able to scale with us,” Heather adds.

Instawork is able to do that while continuing to provide top-notch quality professionals, proactive customer support, and convenience.


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