Between Onstage Gigs, A Musician Makes Ends Meet with Another Kind of Gig

You’ve heard the saying “Don’t quit your day job,” but for many professional musicians, that’s often the only option — unless something more flexible comes along.

That’s exactly what Austin, TX resident Dillon G. found when he discovered Instawork while browsing for networking apps. The former banker knew another 9-to-5 would make it difficult to give his passion a real go in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” but he still needed a way to make ends meet.

If I take a permanent position somewhere, it may limit me with what I can and cannot do. But with Instawork, I pick my days and I pick my shifts. There’s a lot of flexibility with scheduling.

Over the last three months, Dillon’s found a steady stream of jobs between those onstage gigs. During the day, he picks up shifts with catering companies and event planners, sometimes building valuable connections for future music gigs.

But the flexibility goes beyond just scheduling. He has full control to choose who he works for and when, and often returns to businesses he likes most.

The variety of places and people that I work with are absolutely phenomenal. I get a great sense of pride when I hear back from companies that they love working with me, and appreciate my going the extra mile.

An Army vet, Dillon knows a thing or two about high standards. His work ethic and pride in a job well done aren’t just appreciated by clients, they’re qualities that lead to rave reviews and future gigs. For example, when a client “favorites” Dillon in the app, he gets earlier access to accept new work, which he says “is a huge motivator.”

You could say that with Instawork, it’s his turn to run the show.

Click here to sign up for Instawork and find flexible shifts in hospitality. Positions include chef, line/prep cook, server, cashier, runner, busser, dishwasher, and more.

Dillon’s story is typical for so many people who use Instawork today to find fulfilling work that fits around their life — not the other way around.