Automotive parts distributor builds a critical team of temps using Instawork

Constantly training temp workers was increasing costs and operational risk. For one Nevada based automotive group, a wholesale distributor for reproduction and aftermarket automotive parts, temp labor is critical to keeping a lean operations team.

They needed the right number of people every day for production assembling and pick and pack. While these tasks didn’t require much expertise, it needed to be done with care and in a timely fashion.

While their original staffing agency would find them the requested workers, they often were new and the revolving door of workers was adding to training costs and variability in productivity levels. Their HR Director started to worry about how they’d scale their workforce to meet business growth.

“We’re a wholesale distributor - speed to get the order out is a priority for us. If we don’t have the manpower, we can’t get it done.”

- HR Director

The secret to getting reliable workers to quickly

Instawork helped them find a solid set of workers that they could use to ramp up and down as needed.

Instawork was able to help by:

  • Pre-screen workers based on previous work history done through Instawork
  • Centralize temp staffing needs across two locations, Las Vegas (NV) and Ontario (CA)
  • Be able to schedule workers for short-notice needs, even the next day.
We've found some really good employees from Instawork. They're able to learn the job really quickly and show up willing to work everyday." HR Director, Custom Automotive Distributor, car and two men

98% show rate to help the business run smoothly

This automotive parts distributor has since shifted to use Instawork for temp labor even more and expanded to its sister business in the Inland Empire, CA area as well. Instawork, in turn, has delivered consistent workers who show up to their shifts 98% of the time.

Best of all, they keep training costs manageable by investing in large scale workforce development. And since then, out of the 130 Instawork Professionals that have worked at their facility, the majority have worked there more than once, with several working nearly every day.

Having that critical team of Instawork temp labor makes it easy for them to quickly scale when there’s a big customer order and continue growing their business.


1.5K+ Shifts worked, 2% no show rate, 73% repeat pro rate, worked across 2 locations. Statistics