40 Cooks, 30 servers and one hell of an event!

La Bonne’s 27-year history in the business is nothing short of impressive. Founded in 1995 by Chef Christophe Kubiak and his partner Sebastien Sanges, the two have built a massive operation together. They host more than 850 events each year and have cooked for the likes of Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton, Barbra Streisand, John Travolta and Francois Mitterand, to name a few.

Most of the events they host are easily staffed by their regular stand by crew of pastry chefs, cooks, event managers and waiters. However, roughly 8–10 times a year, they host major events which crest over 1,000 guests and require additional hands on deck. Such an event was the case on April 19, 2018, when La Bonne catered a corporate event for 2,500 guests at The Armory in San Francisco’s Mission District.

“We asked Instawork to provide 40 cooks and 30 servers for a Thursday night event in San Francisco and were impressed that they were able to assemble a group of experienced hospitality workers with ease.”

Instawork was on site to help with check-in and ease the crush of registering all the workers.

“Coordinating staffing for large events has always been one of our biggest challenges. It’s hard to find a large number of great people to work for a short duration of time — but Instawork Gigs is taking the stress out of this for us,” said Chef Christophe Kubiak, La Bonne Cuisine.

That’s the beauty of Gigs, with hundreds of thousands of people using Instawork to find hospitality jobs, we’re able to see their levels of experience, see how applicants have been rated by other business owners before we vet them ourselves.

We enjoyed working with the entire La Bonne Cuisine team and look forward to the next event!

Instawork Gigs staff getting ready for the event .
Instawork Gigs staff getting ready for the event.