Prep Cook Job
Corona, Queens
This gig has expired
$231.00 estimated pay
$22.00/hr x 9.5 hours
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (EDT)
Thursday, September 19
Instructions and details
Kitchen black attire: Black shirt, black pants
Bring a hat
Bring your knives
Wear black non-slip shoes
Location details
Free parking available
You’ll be provided a meal
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A prep cook’s role refers to a back of house worker whose primary responsibility is to set up the job site for success.

Prep Cook responsibilities:

Prepares food in accordance with company's standards, guidelines and regulations to ensure high-quality food service is provided.
Reads food order or receives verbal instructions on food required by patron, and prepares and cooks food according to instructions.
Provides the highest quality of service to customers at all times.
Follows basic recipes and/or product directions for preparing, seasoning, cooking, tasting, carving and serving soups, meats, vegetables, desserts and other foodstuffs.
Prepares foods under direct supervision or instruction by operating a variety of kitchen equipment to measure and mix ingredients, washing, peeling, cutting and shredding fruits and vegetables, and trimming and cutting meat, poultry or fish for culinary use.
Tastes products, reads menus, estimates food requirements, checks production, and keeps records in order to accurately plan production requirements and requisition supplies and equipment.
May clean and sanitize work stations and equipment and must follow all companys regulatory rules and procedures.
Reports all accidents and injuries in a timely manner.
May receive inventory, move and lift foodstuffs and supplies and prepare meals for customers requiring special diets.
May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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