Prep Cook Job
Central LA, Los Angeles
This gig has expired
$80.55 estimated pay
$16.92/hr x 5.0 hours
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Thursday, December 05
Instructions and details
Attire: White chef coat, Black pants no logos
Bring a hat
Bring your knives
Wear black non-slip shoes
Location details
Parking available, not free
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A prep cook’s role refers to a back of house worker whose primary responsibility is to set up the job site for success.

Prep Cook responsibilities:

Follow chef instructions.
Prepares fruits and vegetables for serving by washing, peeling, cutting or slicing and placing all items in their respective refrigerators for future use.
Follow mark-down procedure and suggest a way to reduce food.
Assess equipment functioning.
Check quality of foods or supplies.
Maintains a clean and organized workspace.
Please our guests by correctly preparing menu items to our high standards of professional cooking.
Maintains a calm demeanor during periods of high volume or unusual events to keep store operating to standard and to set a positive example.
Meets company standards of quality, safety, cleanliness and hospitality in providing guests with the most satisfactory food possible.

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