Prep Cook Job
Las Vegas
This gig has expired
$71.85 estimated pay
$9.00/hr x 8.0 hours
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday, January 20
Instructions and details
Attire: All kitchen black: black shirt, black slacks, black socks, black belt, black nonslip shoes / white jacket provided
You must be able to lift 50lbs
Bring a hat
Wear black non-slip shoes
We recommend arriving early so that you can check-in on time with an Instawork Event Captain and then the Sands Expo Food & Beverage Time Office 15-minutes before your shift start time. Pros that show up late may miss their shift and be sent home entirely. Pros that show up on time and are rated 5-stars will be able to secure more consistent work through the Instawork app.Upon arriving, please report to food and beverage office, check out a chef coat. Be prepared to provide ID and food handler card to check out the chef coat. Bring a lock to borrow a locker. no personal belongings allowed in the kitchen or on the floor. Double shifts are not allowed at the Sands and Venetian properties. Working a double can result in being sent home. Learn more about the policies for this department at
Location details
Free parking available
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A prep cook’s role refers to a back of house worker whose primary responsibility is to set up the job site for success.

Prep Cook responsibilities:

Measure, wash, peel and prepare ingredients.
Cut and portion different types of meat.
Make stock soups.
Portion the food and prepare the dishes for plating.
Package take-away food for clients.
Distribute the plates to be served to the waiting staff.
Accept or reject ingredients from food suppliers.
Keep track of ingredient inventory.
Clean and sanitize the working surfaces, tools, utensils and working area.

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