Line Cook Job
North Los Altos, Los Altos
This gig has expired
$141.64 estimated pay
$30.03/hr x 6.5 hours
1:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Monday, November 11
Instructions and details
Kitchen black attire: Black shirt, black pants
Wear black non-slip shoes
Location details
Free parking available
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A line cook role refers to a back of house worker whose primary responsibility is to keep the tempo of the restaurant flowing during service.

Line Cook's responsibilities:

Checking order guides to ensure all products that are needed were delivered.
Confirming that all products ordered were received and if anything missing, communicating to a BOH supervisor immediately.
Rejecting any and all product that is not up to company standards.
Properly bringing all ordered items to their correct place for storage, making sure to use FIO and changing containers when needed.
Properly completing all SOP Guides, Daily Prep Lists, Cooler Temp Logs, Freezer Pull Sheets, Line Checks, Cooling Logs, etc.
Working closely and assisting Prep Cooks to help prepare for the success of the company on a daily basis.
Perform all other job requests as assigned by management.

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