General Labor Job
North Scottsdale, Scottsdale
This gig has expired
$116.04 estimated pay
$14.00/hr x 12.0 hours
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM (MST)
Tuesday, January 28
Instructions and details
Attire: Employees are expected to wear clothes that are comfortable for up to 12 hours. T- shirts, shorts, and sneakers are permissible. Clothing with profanity, references to drugs and alcohol, or otherwise inappropriate subject matter will NOT be allowed.
Employees will only be permitted cell phone use during their designated break times. Per Tournament Policy, employees will be allowed to bring lunch/belongings in a clear plastic bag. WM/Instawork is NOT responsible for lost/stolen personal items.The property will NOT have a designated area to put personal belongings. Each zone offers areas to put personal belongings that are not visible to the general public. (i.e. – under venue skirting, kitchen areas, etc). You be shuttled to the Security Check point. PLEASE REFER TO PARKING AND DROP OFF DESCRIPTION BELOW. Check in starts at 5:30 AM and continues through until all employees are checked in and assigned to zones. Clock in process could take up to an hour to get all employees processed. All employees that arrive on time (6am or before) and are in line for check in will be paid starting at 6am.
Location details
Free parking available
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A general labor role refers to a laborer whose primary responsibility is preparing for a larger scale event.

General labour responsibilities:

Provides quality customer service by providing one-on-one attention to detail.
Cleans and polishes furniture and fixtures.
Performs minor repairs to doors, fixtures and furniture.
Moves heavy furniture, equipment and supplies either manually or by using hand trucks.
Sets up, arranges and removes decorations, tables, chairs, ladders and scaffolding to prepare facilities for events.
Maintains public areas, parking lots, loading docks, service corridors and storage rooms in a clean, safe and efficient manner.
Makes adjustments and minor repairs to heating, cooling, ventilating, plumbing and electrical systems.
Provide standby maintenance and repairs to units in a timely and efficient manner
Protect equipment and make sure there are no inadequacies.
Notify superiors on any damages, deficits and disturbances.
Must be able to work in different environments hot or cold. Must be able to lift, push and pull 60 lbs. or more if needed.
Must be able to stand 8 to 10 hours to perform duties.
Responds to maintainence calls
Adhere closely to rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any company-related practices

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