Event Setup and Takedown Job
Central Waterfront, San Francisco
This gig has expired
$52.18 estimated pay
$20.87/hr x 2.0 hours
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Friday, August 16
Instructions and details
Kitchen black attire: Black shirt, black pants
You must be able to lift 50lbs
PLEASE READ THROUGH CAREFULLY BEFLRE TAKING THIS GIG. 1.)You need a truck or mini van for this job 2.)I will be there with you the setup of this gig but you need to do the teardown yourself 3 )Teardown tasks- load up 4 heavy hay bales in to your truck or minivan along with some signs and flags. 4.)Then I need you drive TO Fremont, CA to my office to drop off all the things. 5.)the things will not fit in a normal car. Each hay bales is 4 ft by 2 ft and there are 4 of them and 4 more of smaller hay bales that are 2 ft by 1ft. 6.)Option- if you think you will use the haybales, take everything you teardown! I won't need anything back. This will save you a trip to Fremont! :)
Location details
Parking available, not free
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An event set up/takedown role refers to a laborer whose primary responsibility is preparing for a larger scale event.

Event Setup and Takedown responsibilities:

Ensures complete guest satisfaction.
Read and understand the Banquet Event Order (BEO).
Set up all meeting and event spaces exactly according to the BEO and diagram (if provided) or as instructed by the management team.
Communicate with management, team members, and kitchen staff to ensure accurate setup.
Ensure all rooms are clean prior to the last person leaving at the end of the day.
Maintain cleanliness and organization of event rooms, bus stations, side stations, and kitchen.
Stock glasses, silverware, and related supplies, and complete other duties as assigned.
Responsible for communicating to supervisor throughout shift to be aware of the work expectations for the meeting or functions.
Responsible for performing other duties as requested.

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