Event Setup and Takedown Job
West Loop, Chicago
This gig has expired
$23.00 estimated pay
$18.75/hr x 1.0 hours
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM (CDT)
Friday, October 25
Instructions and details
Attire: You can be casual. All I'd say is no shirts with graphics/words, no holes in pants, no sweats, and no low cut tops/crop tops/middriff showing, and preferably closed toe shoes.
This will mainly be help cleaning up after lunch!
Location details
No parking available
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An event set up/takedown role refers to a laborer whose primary responsibility is preparing for a larger scale event.

Event Setup and Takedown responsibilities:

Assist with the set-up for full-service catering event hall including table skirting, place settings, buffet line assembly, and bus stations.
Serve courses, clear dishware and ensure that guests dining needs are taken are of.
Work with catering team to clear tables and dish/glassware and remove trash;
Performs preventative maintenance in and around facilities
Kitchen sanitation, completion of catering dishes, and food storage
Repair of Meeting Services Equipment
Other duties as assigned

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