Event Server Job
Downtown, Boston
This gig has expired
$148.50 estimated pay
$22.00/hr x 8.0 hours
4:00 PM - 12:00 AM (EDT)
Sunday, September 15
Instructions and details
Attire: No clothing preference
Wear black non-slip shoes
Bring a pen
Black Dress Pants Full Length , Black Tie and a white pressed long sleeved dress shirt. We will provide an additional staff shirt & apron. Black Socks, Black Non Slip Shoes No Facial piercing. Nude, french nail polish or none at all Limited Jewelry Please note what shift you have signed up for, please sign sheet outside my office
Location details
Parking available, not free
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An event server role refers to a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to assist the guests in having a positive experience.

Event Server responsibilities:

Sets tables in assigned area (or checks to see that they have been set) correctly and uniformly, using: clean, pressed linen (without rips, stains or tears); clean unspotted silverware; clean china with no chips or cracks; clean, unspotted glassware.
Properly clean and fill table complements (salt and pepper, sugar, breadbaskets, etc.).
Learns the menu for each function served and is able to explain the major ingredients and preparation methods for each item to be served.
Acknowledges and responds to all guests requests, advising supervisor if necessary.
Keeps station neat and clean during service.
Continuously patrols assigned station, refilling all drinks, removing service items and condiments per established policies and procedures.
Use proper in-room clearing and aisle tray break down procedures.
Returns all reusable table complements and condiments to be cleaned and refilled.
Set-ups, serves and/or breaks down coffee breaks, receptions, other special functions, as assigned, following standard policies and procedures.
Follows cash and guest check procedures at all times.
Return all excess food to the kitchen following all sanitation guidelines. No food or beverage is to be consumed by associates without prior approval from the Chef on duty.
Complete any assigned side work, such as refilling condiments, shaking and sorting linen, hanging/storing drapes, cleaning/storing serving equipment and/or props, etc.
Assists steward in keeping Banquet back hall, linen rack and storage areas neat, clean and organized.
Learns and applies all procedures of proper service.
Assist co-workers whenever needed.

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