Event Server Job
Medford Street / The Neck, Boston
This gig has expired
$41.67 estimated pay
$20.00/hr x 2.5 hours
11:00 AM - 1:30 PM (EDT)
Monday, June 17
Instructions and details
Attire: Please wear a black button up and black pants with black shoes.
Wear black non-slip shoes
Meet Kendyl in the main lobby of the building. 1. -Make sure the area where the food is going is clean. 2. -Text Platterz when the vendor arrives -Meet the delivery person & show them where to set up -Check the correct food and quantities were delivered Food Set Up: -Put out dish cards - make sure all vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free food is easily identified -Create a nice presentation for food (logical order) -Serving utensils are in every dish -Set out napkins, plates, and utensils -Send Platterz picture of set up -Replenish food as needed -Keep area clean End of Service: -Send Platterz client feedback (What dishes went too fast, what they had leftovers of) -Take pictures of leftovers -Clean up (Wipe down the table, throw away empty tins, etc.) -Discuss with client or platterz what they’d like to do with leftovers -Pack up the leftover food if the client instructs you to
Location details
No parking available
Use back door
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An event server role refers to a front of house worker whose primary responsibility is to assist the guests in having a positive experience.

Event Server responsibilities:

Run food from the kitchen to the banquet hall on demand.
Prepare coffee breaks, carts and stations with appropriate supplies
Organize tables, action stations, buffets, and carts for service.
Communicate any additional meal requirements or special requests to the kitchen.
Ensure courses are properly cleared and crumbed in a timely fashion .
Manage the presentation of tableware so that it is accessible for the guests .
Monitor cleanliness and proper sanitization of tables, stations and service areas .

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